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cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 22nd 2012

Ha s anyone else noticed how inactive the site is now? A year or two ago people were always on here, and responded to nearly every thing very fast. Why do you think this is. Is it because no WandG movies have been out in a while?

Nathan M Posted: Nov 22nd 2012

I have noticed this, it is slower to what it used to be

yianni Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

it is because all the creative and funny people have left so it has become slow. now it is all silly new people but you guys and some others are awesome

yianni Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

and also it used to be full of all these animators and stuff.

samuelhayward Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

I'm an animator. Ian Timothy and that still come on here occasionally.

But yes, I agree a lot of people just don't bother any more. I think it was after the site stopped working for a few weeks, they still think it doesn't work 

iantimothy Posted: Nov 23rd 2012

Sorry, I try to come on as much as I can but it is a lot harder when I am working and there just isn't the same enthusiasm for animation. it is not the budding creative atmosphere that it once was. There used to a bunch of young aspiring animators who were all about the same age and were learning from each other. There is pretty much a whole new generation on the site that aren't all trying to be the next Nick Park like we all were. Not saying it is bad, just different and I am not the same 13 year old struggling through Beaver Creek Episode One as I was 5 years ago when i joined the site. 

For peope that are interested in a more in depth animation site, is great. 

I still love this site and I am ever grateful for it, but it isn't the same.  

23192319 Posted: Nov 28th 2012

if you like the video game minecraft then chek out "Minecraft [I love that game]" that is my new thread. it will be fun.

wallace05man Posted: Nov 29th 2012

i think it's just because there hasn't been a new film for a long time

cheesehead302 Posted: Nov 29th 2012

Wallace05man, I think that's alot of the reason, too. Not sure why a ton of animaters left, though. I figured they would stay.

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Nov 30th 2012

Maybe others got older and get fed up with this site. Or maybe no movie has been released. But I will stay my whole life here!

23192319 Posted: Dec 1st 2012

I will stay as long as i can!

tre01 Posted: Dec 2nd 2012

Even though i'm still a newb around here, new stuff made by the studio is what creates more conversation for me.

23192319 Posted: Dec 2nd 2012

Blive me i know what being a newb is like.

evastar7 Posted: Dec 5th 2012

yes i have noticed everything is slowing down.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

simple, cause i was banned! think about it, there are so many silly rules in the site! they dont let you say what you think and to then a single d@mit is offensive! thats why they banned me. they dont let the creativity flow and dont let people express themselves the way they please. i really dont think they should ban people for that! i mean, look at youtube! people hate each other all the time but the rude comments make you stronger and also think! i am a youtuber and i know that im talking about. i fell like where so.... limited here. i was one of the people that broke a couple of rules when it was right and they banned me. they should loose up im mean, its not like where KILLING anyone right? of coarse this is all my opinion.

wallace05man Posted: Dec 7th 2012

i wouldn't call swearing "creativity".

wallace05man Posted: Dec 7th 2012

and that's why you're meant to be 13 or over to get youtube, but on this site, any age is allowed because w&g is for all ages. 

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

i wasnt refering to all the swearing, i was refering to saying what i REALLY think about this site and then they banned me. yes i swear, but it is a way fo creativity ed. dont be mad.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

sorry, wallace05 man if you prefer it.

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