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sherwoods Posted: Nov 27th 2012

Hi i have a 1989 wallace and gromit shaun the sheep foot stool, still in its boxed in mint condition.

Anyone have any idea how much this would be worth.

Many thanks   

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Nov 28th 2012

are you sure its 1989 as shaun the sheep wasn't around then or a close shave

sherwoods Posted: Nov 28th 2012

It was 1989, it says on the tag on the base. There must of been a sheep that was in one of the films around this date? 


Aardeej Posted: Nov 28th 2012


Most W & G collectables whatever year they were made will be dated 1989, since this is the year A Grand Day Out was shown. Although not much merchandise was around before A Close Shave in 1995.

The Shaun foot stall is very collectable and prices vary on ebay so you might want to look on their site. 

still dizzy Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

I`ve all so got Shaun the Sheep foot stall, when new, i-e in the shop`s £30-00. Now second hand also £30-00 because I seen them at S.C.F,T.V and Films past and prestent shows.

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