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kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Nov 30th 2012

who else is cold i am not warming up at all 

wandgfanatic Posted: Nov 30th 2012

I'm cold as well,  heating is on so I am wearing a fleece. 

Nathan M Posted: Nov 30th 2012

I'm cold too... There is only one reasonable explaination, dementors are on the way

23192319 Posted: Dec 2nd 2012

I have a fireplace. so i am okay. it is rainy outside but it is warm too.

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Dec 3rd 2012

i am very hot here

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 7th 2012

im not cold, im hot and i know it! 

23192319 Posted: Dec 29th 2012

There is a good foot or so at my place.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 29th 2012

ok, today im terribly cold! WHY CANT IT SHOW HERE! its the only benefit of cold anyways is that it shows but here its just gray misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

23192319 Posted: Dec 30th 2012

 Last year, where I lived, We got like a half an inch of snow, and then it melted the next day.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 30th 2012

i felt snow once. but only once, in the mountains of california.... i wanna play with it again :/

23192319 Posted: Jan 9th 2013

That is so sad!

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 10th 2013

it's freezing outside of my house but inside the temp. is turned up really higher so when I go outside I freeze and inside I roast.

daisychimp Posted: Jan 10th 2013

Yeah it is soooo cold out side! 

23192319 Posted: Jan 11th 2013

Meep! My snow fort turned in to a puddle!!!!!!! (my sister`s too but I don`t care about hers)

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