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gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Dec 12th 2012

hi! I always see drawings done digitally put on and I wanted to ask:
1) if i wanted to do some what is the best programme/software for a beginner
2) do you just use a mouse or something more advanced?


Nathan M Posted: Dec 12th 2012

If you want to make 3D models I would suggest a free software called Blender, this is where you move objects around and resize and colour to make something. Otherwise I would suggest just microsoft paint, draw something in real life and scan it in and colour over it in paint, maybe that would work.

You can use a computer mouse but there is another alternative, some people use touch screens or tablets with one of those electric pens so its easyier to draw

mchoo Posted: Dec 13th 2012

Like Nathan suggested but if I were you I'd start with Sculptris for model making. It'll allow you to understand basics better and painlessly, Sculptris is an artist's tool. Put 3D graphics aside If I were to choose specialty I'd go for programmer - better job opportunities. Fully fledged designer is both a programmer and an artist. Digital "drawings" are made according to same principles as traditional ones - almost, with one exception - rendering is more akin to photography than let's say crosshatching. To sum up digital drawing: modeling in 3D space + photography.

Good luck to you.

tre01 Posted: Dec 18th 2012

Mine is photoshop 7, but only because I was able to come across a software disc for it by chance. I'd love to upgrade it but haven't got money to keep updating things all the time.

yianni Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

use photoshop with a drawing computer keyboard and pen connector also chat with mmasonghi studios

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