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puppylove origin Posted: Dec 15th 2012

hi people, if u get to read this, i want u all to know that i was banned from the site and just wanted to say some last words before aardman finds out i used and old e mail of mine to make another account. this was fun u know, being part of this society and meeting u brittishy people but i think i better just leave. so here i write my last words to the people i knew best in the site. CHEESEHEAD, hope u dont get banned like i did. i had a nice talking to u and i apologise for calling u a u know what. u know i was fooling around but since u cant say but in this site... ur really coll and u are definetly someone i can call friend. GLB, ur some real debater there. i gotaa say i really like u for your honesty and buy your brains. i think ur really smart person and pretty cool teen. HARRYBOY, harry harry harry... got u got an atitude man. and some real ego too. ur a person who always follows the rules... something i dont approve of personally cause im a real rebel but dont take the attitude as a negative point, that can be used for alot of things when u know how to use it, thats the type of thing that determins who u really are and how u really are. the points that make people see if they like u or not and that something really useful. MRTECNOTROUSERS, u are the first person i know who didnt know what a troll,me gusta or what memes are in general! but besides that, i think u got a creative mind full of creative ideas. ur a very nice kid. WALLACE05MAN, ur the 1st person i got to know in this site since i made my account and untill now i quite didnt figure u out. u seem just so normal to me. very simple person that does what hes gotta do. and tries to enjoy the site however he can. keep it up. and lasT YIANNI. im gonna be completely hones with u and want u to take what i say by my perspective firstly cause i dont know how others feel. i could have sworn u where a girl first time i saw u, u are a proud person, u brag about how fricken lucky u are and ur a bit of a show off. but theres something good i noticed about u is that your a fricken too nice person! ur never mad at anyone, u never argue or fight and ur always being friendly! silly sometimes but friendly! that kinnah thing just drives me insane really cause i just find it so unfair! but im gonna say im not the only person i know who thinks like that. u made me feel so bad so many times because of the thing u did or the people u meet and i cant even go to a simple vacation. that happens, u can tae it or leave it but i suggest u dont do that to people cause u might made real life enemies( not me) but.. yeah. so there it is peeps. i hope u guys get to read it. if the staff finds it, i just hope they leave if for the right amount and they can delete this account if they want and ill never come back.


the puppy.
ps: i wrote this along time ago but the feeling continue the same and this is also on yianni.s threat where hes asking for me. you want me to still stay?

Nathan M Posted: Dec 15th 2012

It's a shame that you feel that you have to leave the site, in my opinion you should stay. I think the last thing Aardman want to do is to ban or delete accounts. I think if they were going to they would have by now so I would just stay if I were you and continue to enjoy the site!

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 15th 2012

i like katie por example, that likes to talk things out and not simply keep showing the rules and banning period. no offence but i do not like kristen. she never solves any problems or really helpes us out, just puts barriers and that it. she banned me just like that without telling me she was going to. i just think its unfair. they should try to talk to us not just show the rules constantly and i was banned. i mean, i wasnt causing REAL harm and people like me here( i think). besides, there are ALOT worse things out there then saying gammit and most kids already know many o those thinks. i STILL think they should change the rules. maybe there could be a collum of suggestions! or they could underline the "curse" words to help out i dunno. there are alot of unfixed thing here i think.

Gromits little bro Posted: Dec 16th 2012

 hey there puppy love!

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 16th 2012

sup GLB. nice to see yas 

yianni Posted: Dec 17th 2012

hi pup in my opinion it is your choise if you stay but I won't be here much longer because the sight is getting a bit boring other than the people and chatting ther is not much to do on here and I know i drive people insane but i can't help that it's written in the profesy (I think) anyway so yeah

from yianni 

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 17th 2012

wut profecy???

lovetottie Posted: Dec 19th 2012

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 19th 2012

you won't get banned from the website. Trust me thats the last thing anyone wants to do just don't do what ever you do agian

1flyingdog Posted: Dec 20th 2012

Hi puppylove! 

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 20th 2012


23192319 Posted: Dec 21st 2012

They should put somthing up about what words not to say, but we should be able to say crud and darn. Right?

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 21st 2012

we shoulld, but aparently its "rude". bluh!

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