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shaunfan134 Posted: Dec 16th 2012

i'm shaunfan134 from the shaun the sheep website. i think i will start coming on this site more often.  (you wont't actually see me THAT often 'cuse i'm mostly on sts) so hellooooow  

T1mmyfan13 Posted: Dec 19th 2012

Hi sf134! can I call you that, if you say no I won't be sad. Anyway, I did NOT know you were here.

shaunfan134 Posted: Dec 20th 2012

yes you can call me that (nice W&G avatar pic by the way) 

1flyingdog Posted: Jan 20th 2013


shaunfan134 Posted: Jan 21st 2013

hi 1flyingdog

Bambooski Posted: Feb 22nd 2013


shaunfan134 Posted: Feb 22nd 2013

hi bambooski!

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 28th 2013

HI fan124!

shaunfan134 Posted: Apr 30th 2013

thanks! however my username is shanfan13<4 :)

gromitrox123 Posted: May 1st 2013

Whoops! Sorry! :) 

shaunfan134 Posted: May 1st 2013

it's ok |-)

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