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Cybergurl Posted: Jan 29th 2008

This is where Flushed Away fans post script ideas for a Flushed Away sequel,It can be a new,character,a dialog scipt,anything at all,and sine the staff is watching the boards,who knows,some of your idea might actualy get used.

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Hello,anybody....Humph,guess noone like Flushed away as much as I do. Oh,well. I guess it was realy just a stupid Idea what?

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

Hello, I posted something that has mysteriously gone! I said I am thinking!!!:D

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

Well,keep tring,we gotta convince the staff to put out a sequel.

J-Snake Posted: Feb 4th 2008

i think Aardman would make a BIG!! mistake i thought that Flushed Away was kinda funny but unlike W&G it was more apealing to a yonger vewer

dachappell Posted: Feb 4th 2008

I agree with J snake.:-|
I laughed quite alot and very much enjoyed the plot:)
but how many time do charactes get hit in their ,shall we say area, and alot of the jokes were slap stick rather than the !!!!GIGANTIC!!!! variety of joke types that Wallace and Gromit offers.
Also some of the charm was lost with it being CGI rather than plastercine, and it came to a nice conclusion at the end and a sequel may well spoil the ending.

cavor Posted: Feb 4th 2008

I don't think it was Aards best work possibly they were being pushed too hard to produce too many films to soon!!
But still enjoyable, I personally wouldn't recommend a sequel any time soon!


cool chris Posted: Feb 4th 2008

i don't think it's a secwel film

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 6th 2008

I think DreamWorks were too much pressure on them.:)

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Aww,jeeze,Mark,did ya hafta say THAT!!!!???

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

What? What's wrong with that?:O

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 8th 2008

That sorta bursted my Ego Bubble a bit,duck.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008


Cybergurl Posted: Feb 11th 2008

Beacause,you just ruined my life-long dream of becomming an Aardman animator,DUH!

Teresa01 Posted: Feb 11th 2008

The problem is knowing Dreamworks they'd probably own some copyright over the first film and expect Aardman to pay alot of money to get the copyright from them. :-( I loved Flushed Away but now they're no longer in partnership with Dreamworks it may not be as possible as it may have been if they were still together

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

How did I ruin it? They will get a lot better with Sony! I have wanted to be an Aardman animator nearly all my life and it wasn't ruined after they signed with Sony!:-(

cavor Posted: Feb 12th 2008

I think cybergurl was possibly refering to the idea of working on a sequal to Flush Away I think!

Cybergurl Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Phew!!! That was CLOSE! I accedently said the wrong thing and was worried that I might get banned again. Thank GOD I can still post here.BTW,happy Valentine's day,Peeps!:-X

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Happy Valentine's day, everyone!!!;)

Jenna malone Posted: Feb 21st 2008

If you wanna see Flushed Away sequel stories then check out fanfiction! you will be in Flushed Away heaven!(I write stories for it and would love some more readers)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 22nd 2008


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