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Nelson8 Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

Hi once I saw it where people made comments with the name of a website that you can click then go there. How do you do that?

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

click the site url.(duh)

Nelson8 Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

No how do you MAKE one of those comments?

yianni Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

copy the site url and paste is in the coment duuuuuuhhhh

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 23rd 2012

r u a noob on the interenet?

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 24th 2012

cut some slack for the guy.

You copy the URL and then paste into the comment box. then you highlight it and click on the connected chain at the top of the comment box. when the URL turns blue it means it worked.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 24th 2012

thats a guy..?

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 25th 2012

well if that isn't why is the usermane nelson!!!!

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 25th 2012

well... there is a guy whos called fionah but that just cause that his moms account... and i use to think yianni was a girl(sometimes i even forguet no offence to him) your username coulld mean anything and your avatar aswell. you mad bro? looks like someone didnt get waht they wanted for christmas. too bad

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 26th 2012

What has this site become?


puppylove origin Posted: Dec 26th 2012

intenet, the place you go to get trolled and to hate people. thank god you dont have ayoutube account, its 10 times worse there but im use to it. he started it anyways and im use to solving my own problems.

ARC-1999816 Posted: Dec 31st 2012

sorry lets scroll back to the top of the page and look at the post you said the guy was a noob I was kind enought the help him and not call him names. for you info i got everything i could possialble want.

puppylove origin Posted: Dec 31st 2012

calling a person a noob isnt necesairly an insult. it just means your new to something. your the one that got all worked up about something necesairly. that was quite and officious act on your part and you can be quite officious sometimes. you get pisssed of at me for no reason and later its my fault? think about that luvvy.

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 1st 2013

well sorry. just chill. all i was saying was that he wanted to know an answer to somthing and you never helped him. insted you called him a noob. I didn't say you insulted him.

puppylove origin Posted: Jan 1st 2013

actually i did help him.unless you cant read, my first comment was "click the site url(duh)" and yes you did, you said i insulted him. you really dont think out what you say do you? i suggest getting a youtube account, you'll get practice there.

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 2nd 2013


oh sorry you say something?

puppylove origin Posted: Jan 2nd 2013

god your immature.

abhijith Posted: Jan 9th 2013

Nelson8 Posted: May 25th 2013

To the noob thing:

I have been using internet since I was like 3 or 4 or 5.

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: May 28th 2013

See! sometimes we really need to understand some people here. even if the person is been usinga computer for a long time off course he still doesn't know what some of us know. we just need to share our knowledge to others and not just calling him a noob. yes you are not insulting him but to him (and to me if i was him) it was a big insult. for you yes you are used to it(youtube) i havea youtube too but doen't mean you copy the same thing what those people on youtube do. people here in this site are different from some people in youtube. yes for us we don't know it may hurt someone but for the one who we are refering to may hurt. please think of your actions before you do them.

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 7th 2013

Now I get it.

To prove it,

Click here.

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