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PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Jan 16th 2013

I waswandered serving if any of you had any nicknames, or can think of nicknames or... Y'know. Anything like that. :)
I was called SaveEarth on the TMP, the site I was on before, and my nickname was Savey. Some nicknames just naturally come about, and mine did, so you don't have to think of one. :)

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Jan 16th 2013

I hav a nickname at my school but on the site i dint really but if people want to shorten mine down, as it is quite long they tend to call me techno or something similar

daisychimp Posted: Jan 16th 2013


ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 16th 2013

you all can just call me ARC.

Fireflies Posted: Jan 16th 2013

I called you E-Cocoa, E-Cocoa. DC was DC, Gilby was Gilby, Arte was Arte, Marits was Marits... yes...

I was normally just Loua... but sometimes Lou Lou... 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 16th 2013

Fireflies: Or Louja!! :D

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 16th 2013

on tmp my nickname was marits, you can either call me that or maritsa :D

daisychimp Posted: Jan 16th 2013

What about marito??? 

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Jan 17th 2013

So it's:
Me - EcoBiccies
MrTechnoTrousers - Techno
Daisychimp - DC
ARC-1999816 - ARC
Maritsa123 - Maritsa, Marits or Marito

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 17th 2013

how could i forget marito!!! i even put that at the end of messages somtimes!!!! maybe someone zaped my mory in my sleep and i forgot everything.... *scary music*

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 17th 2013

you got it correct Ecobiccies

daisychimp Posted: Jan 18th 2013

DC is correct!
But you know that!! :D 

1flyingdog Posted: Jan 26th 2013

You can call me 1FD, Dog or Luigifan! Luigi Animations - The Nintendo Database

Azarte Posted: Jan 26th 2013

Halooooooooooooooooooo Aza/Azie over here!!!!!!!!!! Lol
And haha I remember when I first came up with Marits nickname :D I was being Italian and writing it down on her desk so I called her Marito 'cause it sounded kind of Italian :) 

shaunfan134 Posted: Jan 27th 2013

you can call me shaunfan sf134 or shaun134 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 28th 2013

Haha I remember when I was a melon

TerCla10 Posted: Feb 17th 2013

mines Mickey

gromitrox123 Posted: Mar 7th 2013

I'm not sure! What about grom! 

cheesehead302 Posted: Mar 15th 2013

Well, since the begining of last school year, people started calling me Doopo Party or Doopo for short. It actually sounds wierd if anybody other than my relatives or close friends call me by my real name. (There's an origin, I'll tell you guys since I have nothing better to do). So there's this radio show (it's local, so youv'e probably never heared of it) called Hawk and Tom. I have a cd with a few of there old skits or whatever on it. So on one of them, there's this guy with a speech impedement who calls random people out of the phone book and invites them to his "Super Bowl Party". When he says it it kind of sounds like Dooper Bo Party. So I went around asking people him they'd donate a quarter for some Cheetos and Dr. Pepper at the Dooper Bo Party on Saturday night. That eventually evolved into Doopo Party. I got a signature dance, and the name is basiclly trade marked now.

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 8th 2013

That's so cool Cheesehead!

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