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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 18th 2013

Are you having a snow day? We want you to share your snow Wallace and Gromits...and any other weird and wonderful creations you make!

We love this cracking snow creation by Ashworth9!

Nathan M Posted: Jan 18th 2013

That's pretty awesome! Ive never attempted to do something other than a basic snowman. Maybe I could try and do something creative this time

ARC-1999816 Posted: Jan 18th 2013

AMAZING!!!! I haven't seen a snow sculpture like that since I was living in japan!!!!good work Ashworth9!!!!!!

daisychimp Posted: Jan 18th 2013

WOAH!!! that's such a cool snowman!! :D

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 18th 2013

tha is so cool!!!!!

this is a pic of my school when it started to snow! but it is even thicker now because it has been snowing all day!! YIPEEE!!

Fiona_B Posted: Jan 18th 2013

Wow!!! That is a great snow Wallace!
no school for us today --yay--all schools in our area cancelled!! 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 18th 2013

Aww, lucky you FionaB!

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