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1flyingdog Posted: Jan 28th 2013

Hello! A great friend of mine named Savey had said: We should make a Beatle's club! so I think that is a great idea!  Founder: 1FD. Co Founder: Savey. Members: DC, Marito, Wallace05man, Virgi, Fireflies, 23192319,and Kld loves wallace for eva,Ettobright, and Azarte! We can talk about the beatles! We can share our favorite beatles songs! and post beatles photos! and remember...Be happy!

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 28th 2013

THE BEATLES ARE AWESOME!!!!! last year i went to the  mueseum about them in liverpool with my grandpand parents when i stayed with them in wales :D

wallace05man Posted: Jan 28th 2013

BEST BAND EVER!! my favourite songs are I Am The Walrus, With A Little Help From My Friends, Hard Days Night and She Said She Said. i have also seen Paul McCartney live and it was the best concert ever!!!!!!

1flyingdog Posted: Jan 28th 2013

Welcome to club Marito and Wallace05man!

Virgi Posted: Jan 29th 2013

1Flyingdog and Savey, you had a great idea! My brother and I always listen to The Beatles' songs. My favourite songs are A Hard Day's Night, Help and Love Me Do.
I have also a school bag and a book about The Beatles. In my school, here in Italy, we want to organize a musical dedicated to them.  

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

I Love the beetles! 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

And John Lennon.

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

Practically the same thing

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

Aww well

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

You may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one :D 

daisychimp Posted: Jan 29th 2013

This is John -------------->

1flyingdog Posted: Jan 29th 2013

Welcome DC and Virgi!

maritsa123 Posted: Jan 29th 2013

dc- i love that song!!


1flyingdog Posted: Jan 29th 2013

Welcome  Marito!

wallace05man Posted: Jan 29th 2013


1flyingdog Posted: Jan 30th 2013

The beatles are awesome!

1flyingdog Posted: Feb 9th 2013

daisychimp Posted: Feb 9th 2013

Most of the songs on my i pod are the beatles!

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Feb 10th 2013

Same! Thanks for starting this! THE BEATLES JUST RULEEEEE! :D I have a piano book with all of their songs in, and it's brilliant. :) 

You may say-ay-ay-ay I'm a dreamer-er-er,
But I'mm not the only one (doo doo doo...)
I hope some day-ay-ay-ay you'll join us,
And the wor-ur-ur-orld will live as one!

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Feb 10th 2013

i love the beatles so add me to that list

wallace05man Posted: Feb 10th 2013

@PeaceandBiscuits, i have that piano book aswell

1flyingdog Posted: Feb 10th 2013

@Kld loves wallace for eva, your on the list now! 

Fireflies Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields... nothing is real...

Azarte Posted: Feb 16th 2013

I love the Beatles <3 So perfect

wandgfanatic Posted: Feb 17th 2013

The Beatles are legends!

wallace05man Posted: Apr 5th 2013

Today i got the Beatles Stereo Box Set, probably the best purchase i have ever made It has all their 13 studio albums in it. You can probably find it on Ebay for about £70 plus. It's quite expensive but well worth it

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 6th 2013

Uhm everybody, no offense, i did not do this to break this forum or what.
I know the beatles. i just like to warn all of you about one thing about Beatle's that is why you should not idolize them.

The Beatle's said(specifically John Lennon):  We are more famous than Jesus Christ
After 2 or 3 weeks(i already forgot)  they all six were shot.

Blasheming is a mortal sin, and when you are in a state of mortal sin your soul  is in danger because you cannot receive communion and when you die you will go to hell.

PLease you must be aware abou these matters. No joke or laughing matter. Whether you are Catholic or not please follow this.  I did my part to warn you.

WandG  Mastermind

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 6th 2013

That's all just based on religious beliefs, and what do you mean by "all six were shot"????

wallace05man Posted: Apr 6th 2013

WATCH OUT EVERYONE, IF WE CARRY ON LISTENING TO THE BEATLES SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN! oh wait, nothing will happen. That is the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. The only Beatle who was shot was John Lennon, and that had nothing to do with religeon. The killer said himself that "he wanted to aquire his fame." George Harrison died of an illness, and Ringo and Paul are still alive. There were never six Beatles. IT'S MUSIC. IT IS NOT A SIN TO LIKE THE BEATLES BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY WERE MORE FAMOUS THAN JESUS. HE WAS NOT BEING ANTIRELIGIOUS WHEN HE SAID THAT, he was not being serious. If you knew anything about the Beatles, you would know that John Lennon had this thing called a sense of humour.

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 7th 2013

Guys, I seriously don't think you should be dissing a religion and Mastermind. I mean about 2.1 million people are Christian in the world today (very approx., just found it on the Internet). And sure, that MIGHT have just been his sense of humour, but if it was, it was a very nasty sense of humour indeed. I love the Beatles' music and all that, but you can't idolise someone if you don't actually know every detail about their life. Look, you don't have to be a Christian (I'm not) to know this: 

Don't support someone if they're doing something bad. Support them if they're doing something good.


wallace05man Posted: Apr 7th 2013

The Beatles are doing more than "something" good. They have given careers to SO MANY huge bands and singers who live their dream because of they are inspired and influenced by the Beatles. You're basically saying that John Lennon died for a good reason, which is extremely disrespectful. And i WAS NOT dissing any religeon whatsover. His death had NOTHING TO DO with him saying that. Niether did George's. So you're saying that we're not allowed to idolise the Beatles? Without the Beatles there would be no Blur, Nirvana, Gorillaz, Black Sabbath, Green Day, Radiohead, the list is absolutely endless. The Beatles have inspiered billions to build a musical career, and you are completly ignoring that, you are just focusing on the one "bad" thing that he did. It's just disrespectful really, when the Beatles have done so much for so many people.

wallace05man Posted: Apr 7th 2013

And it's just plain lying to say that he said that 3 weeks before his death. He said it in 1966, he died in 1980. Do some research before you start mindlessly putting them down.

wallace05man Posted: Apr 7th 2013

John Lennon wasn't Christian but he also wasn't Athiest. He had an open mind about it, unlike you.

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 7th 2013

Actually, the Beatles are my favourite artists. I think it's really awesome how they could write and sing so beatifully. All I'm saying is that nobody's perfect! I'm not perfect, and really sadly, nobody I know is perfect. Not even my family and my closest friends. It's impossible to be perfect, because if you were perfect, you'd know every piece of knowledge in the universe, you'd be incredibly kind and generous, you'd have a happy and prosperous life, you'd have everything you could possibly want, you'd be the most beautiful/handsome person on the planet, you'd have a million perfected talents, and so so so so so much more. So obviously, John Lennon couldn't have been perfect. He may have been really awesome, but no more perfect than anyone else.

And also, that last comment hurt me. I have no idea why the moderators moderated that.

I'm sorry for offending John Lennon. Forgive and forget? Please?

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 7th 2013

Actually I am telling you to be aware about them. I am not gonna post that comment just to make you dislike the Beatles.  But even if you think it is was not related to religion you must know that it is a mortal sin to blaspheme.  I just care about all of you.  I am just warning all of you.  Please believe me.  I did not do this to make a big argument against the beatles.   Lets us all have peace with each other.  Remember your catechism.   Thank you and May God Bless us all!

Regards to everyone,

wallace05man Posted: Apr 7th 2013

why? what do you think's going to happen to us if "we're not aware" of this? If you really wanted peace between us then you wouldn't have started this.

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 7th 2013

The word AWARE meaning that you should know that blaspheming is a mortal sin.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 7th 2013

I wasn't dissing mastermind or his religion, im christian myself. Im just gonna stay out of this

wallace05man Posted: Apr 7th 2013

don't worry, it got sorted out on another thread.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 7th 2013

i know, i saw

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