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daisychimp Posted: Mar 24th 2013

I guess 1fd, gromitrox, mrtechnotrousers or bambooski! 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Mar 24th 2013


I gues 1fd, DC, Nathan M  ')">')">

1flyingdog Posted: Mar 24th 2013

Correct!  I guess DC, gromitrox, mrtechnotrousers or bambooski!

gromitrox123 Posted: Mar 25th 2013


I guess.....1FD, or DC 

Bambooski Posted: Mar 25th 2013

Nope! I guess DC, 1FD or Gromitrox!

wallace05man Posted: Mar 25th 2013


DC, 1fd or gromitrox123 

gromitrox123 Posted: Mar 27th 2013


I guess, daisychimp 

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 29th 2013

Correct! .... I should keep playing so this whole correct and not correct thing stays... well... correct. I mean incorrect!

I guess Gromitsbuddyinginventor! Or a giant chocolate chip cook... COOKIE! There it is! Aw.. but someone already took a bite of it... :(

1flyingdog Posted: Apr 7th 2013

I am not a cookie but I am a Luigi fan! Luigi Animations - The Nintendo DatabaseLuigi Dancing photo LuigiDanceBlock.gifMPDSBadgeLuigi.png I guess Gromit Lad, gromitrox, mrtechnotrousers or bambooski!

daisychimp Posted: Apr 9th 2013

noopppppeeeeeeee sorry!
I guess 1fd, wallace05man, Mrtechnotrousers or gromit lad! :) 

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 12th 2013


I guess Gromit Lad 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 13th 2013

I guess gromitrox, dc, wallace05man,  bambooski

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 15th 2013


I guess 1fd 

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 15th 2013

Nope, sorry!
I guess flyingdog, DC or Mastermind!

Bambooski Posted: Apr 15th 2013

Nope! I guess 1fd or DC :)

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 19th 2013

I guess peaceandbiscuits, Wallace and gromit mastermind or 1fd 

1flyingdog Posted: Apr 19th 2013

Correct! I guess gromitrox, dc, wallace05man, or bambooski!

shaunfan134 Posted: Apr 19th 2013

nope it's me again! 

um... gromitrox peaceandbiscuits mastermind bambooski or 1FD!  

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 19th 2013


I guess 1flyingdog.

1flyingdog Posted: Apr 20th 2013

Yup! I guess gromitrox, dc, shaunfan134, or mmasonghi studios!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 20th 2013

sorry wrong.  i guess dc, mmasonghi studios

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 20th 2013


I guess, daisychimp, 1fd or shaunfaun134 

Gromit lad Posted: Apr 20th 2013

Hurray! You just beat the game! Your high score is 3.14! Calculating prize.... Your prize is... a piece of Pie! Hold on... I'm getting intel that I am not daisychimp 1flyingdog nor shaunfaun134..... I'm going to have to take this slice of pie from you...

I guess mmasonghi studios

shaunfan134 Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

nope nope nope nope nope! 

i guess...gromit lad shaunfan134 (me) gromitrox mastermind or 1FD :D

shaunfan134 Posted: Apr 23rd 2013


i guess gromit lad shaunfan134 gromitrox mastermind or 1FD!  

shaunfan134 Posted: Apr 23rd 2013


i guess gromit lad gromitrox mastermind or 1FD! 

Gromit lad Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

Incorrect, my name is not gromitladgromitroxmastermindor1flyingdog... but if it was I would be as if the coolest person here. But sadly I cannot be the coolest person here, because I am actually a squirrel mixture of a chicken and a bagel.

I guess rox123

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 23rd 2013



gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 28th 2013


fan134 or 1fd 

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 29th 2013


I guess Katie.

shaunfan134 Posted: May 1st 2013

eh.... nope! :D 

hmmm.... i think it will be mmasonghi gromitrox gromit lad or DC! :D

ps: i was not talking about you singly gromit lad :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 2nd 2013

hello there.

I guess Gromit lad.

gromitrox123 Posted: May 3rd 2013


I guess 1fd or gromit lad 

Bambooski Posted: May 3rd 2013


I guess shaunfan134 

gromitrox123 Posted: May 5th 2013


I guess wallace and gromit mastermind :) 

Bambooski Posted: May 17th 2013


I guess...DC?  

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: May 21st 2013

GROMITROX you were close. bambooski sorry. i guess bambooski?

sheppish Posted: May 22nd 2013

gromitrox123 Posted: May 27th 2013


I guess 1fd 

1flyingdog Posted: May 27th 2013

Yea!  I guess Gromitrox123!

samsammi Posted: May 28th 2013

Hey guys see my wallace and gromit theme on guitar like it and leave a comment please


Nelson8 Posted: May 28th 2013


I guess Daisychimp

sheppish Posted: May 30th 2013

I guess...Nelson8 

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 31st 2013


I guess 1flyingdog.

gromitrox123 Posted: May 31st 2013


I guess shaunfan 

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 1st 2013


I guess sheppish

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 2nd 2013

Nope! I guess mmasonghi studios, Nelson8, gromitrox123 or sheppish! :D

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 2nd 2013

Correct! I guess gromitrox123

dinogirl Posted: Jun 4th 2013


I guess Mr Techno trousers or 1flyingdog 

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 4th 2013

Yes! I guess dinogirl or Nelson8!

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