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Bambooski Posted: Feb 17th 2013

So I wanted to buddy someone, but when I clicked on their name, it just showed me my profile as if I was going to edit it. Why???

Bambooski Posted: Feb 18th 2013

Please help me

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 21st 2013

That's weird.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 22nd 2013

Hmm that's very strange.  Is it all usernames you click on, or just a particular one?

Bambooski Posted: Feb 22nd 2013

It's two people

Bambooski Posted: Feb 26th 2013

Now it's three

Bambooski Posted: Mar 16th 2013

Now I can't buddy 5 people... does anyone know what is going on?

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

your computer doesnt like you... XD

Bambooski Posted: Apr 24th 2013

Hehe, probably true

cocolangham Posted: Apr 27th 2013

was one of thoose mine bambooski 

Bambooski Posted: May 1st 2013

No, it wasn't

Elijah Isaac John Posted: Jun 7th 2013

maybe, u hated ur own computer bambooski....>D just joking

Bambooski Posted: Jul 10th 2013

lol :P

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