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Fossa_juliette Posted: Feb 23rd 2013

I was wondering how different people found this site, personally I found this site by researching how to make different skin tones four if plasticine which lead me to an old thread. Been here ever since ;)

Bambooski Posted: Feb 23rd 2013

I don't remember...

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 23rd 2013

I typed wallace and gromit into youtube and found the interview katie of the aardman staff had with nick park, she mentioned the site so i decided to look it up 

Bambooski Posted: Feb 23rd 2013

which video was this? it sounds interesting

Bambooski Posted: Feb 24th 2013


Azarte Posted: Feb 28th 2013

The tmp <3

daisychimp Posted: Feb 28th 2013

Same as azarte :-)

Bitzer123 Posted: Feb 28th 2013

I had watched Wallace and Gromit before,and wondered if there was a website for it,and  I typed it in and found it.

1flyingdog Posted: Feb 28th 2013

Me too!

gromitrox123 Posted: Mar 19th 2013

Me three!!

wallace05man Posted: Mar 20th 2013

me nine

Devi Fitri Krisrera Posted: Mar 21st 2013

I find this site from!

shaunfan134 Posted: Mar 21st 2013

me too! 

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Apr 17th 2013

I'm the same as Aza and DC. :) Whn the TMP closed they told us a load of awesome Aaardman websites we could go to.

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 17th 2013

back when the comic was still made in like 2007

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 15th 2013

My aunt showed me STS then I went over to W&G.

dinogirl Posted: Jun 17th 2013

My friend--Gromitrox showed me

i being a huge fan joined!!\

and here we are


shaunfan134 Posted: Jun 17th 2013

is gromitrox your friend in real life? 

dinogirl Posted: Jun 19th 2013

yes,, we go to the same school

shaunfan134 Posted: Jun 19th 2013

ahh.. cool i have a friend on here in real life too! (T1mmyfan13) :D

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 20th 2013

My friend in real life is 23192319!

dinogirl Posted: Jun 21st 2013

thats cool

its weird to think that some people actually know  bet we all live in different places aswell 

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 21st 2013

I know zero poeple on here...

Maybe I'll show someone

dinogirl Posted: Jun 22nd 2013


Nelson8 Posted: Jun 22nd 2013


dinogirl Posted: Jun 22nd 2013

what..i was saying ha ha as a in laughing.... u know u said i know zero people on here..maybe i should show someone.....haha thats funny..Right??

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 23rd 2013

.  ...  .  ...   .

Not really, but what is funny is...

There were 3 guys. 1 was English, one French who could speak English, and another guy who was Russian. They were jumping out of an airplane without parachutes. The English guy said, God save me, and he landed safely. The French guy said, God save me, and he landed safely. The Russian guy had really long hair, and he couldn't speak English, so he TRIED to copy, and he said
Goud shave me, and he landed in a barber shop.


He walked out bald.

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 23rd 2013

Ok, back to the topic.

shaunfan134 Posted: Jun 26th 2013

your aunt introduced you to shaun the sheep... maybe she has an account! :D   

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 26th 2013

Nope she does not but she is into British stuff (I'm American and so is she) and she has traveled to England.

shaunfan134 Posted: Jun 28th 2013


dinogirl Posted: Jun 29th 2013 Australian!

awesomeunicorn Posted: Jul 15th 2013

My friend dinogirl showed me! Love you dinogirl!

dinogirl Posted: Jul 17th 2013


Sherlock Holmes Posted: Jul 20th 2013

I found this website by observing the body of the deceased Mr. Bellamy of North Cornwall. Upon viewing his left coat pocket, I encountered a residue that could only be found on this site, of course. I AM Sherlock Holmes.

dinogirl Posted: Jul 30th 2013

OMG!!! creeeepy!!

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