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Aardman Staff Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Hi my name is Kate Munkenbeck and I am Production Coordinator on the new Wallace and Gromit film. I'm taking over the blog baton for a while while Beeky is away. Unfortunately, he has been hit with Chicken Pox which seems to be doing the rounds in Bristol at the moment. Hence - the image cordoning off his desk as a certified 'pox' zone!

The film is going well at the moment. We are due to go to London over the next few days to record some dialogue with Peter Sallis - who is 87 on Friday 1st Feb. Watch out for coverage on the 6'O clock BBC news!

jordan Posted: Jan 31st 2008

lol poor beeky hope he's better soon, glad its going well (TAM) looking froward to more updates!

( i posted first again)

whats wrong with me im never off here :)

Fish Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Sorry to hear that Beeky is ill! Chicken Pox is no fun - and having it as an adult is worse I think.

Please say Happy Birthday to Peter Sallis!

Fish Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Did Beeky get the Pox from working on Chicken Run?:O It took awhile to kick in if that is the case!8)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Poor Beeky! I hope he's okay! Can't wait! Tell Peter Sallis all the fans say Happy Birthday! Oh, I just can't wait!!!:D

Josephine Posted: Jan 31st 2008

Well "spotted", Fish ;)

WE NEED YOU BOTH! :'(:'(:'(:'(



PS: Katie - will it be on BBC News 24 as well?

conty Posted: Feb 1st 2008

hope your feeling better soon beeky, ooohhhh ssscccrratcchhhyyy!!!!! iiitttcchy!!!! ive still got scares from that, i call them my bullet wounds!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Take a chill pill, Josephine. Care to calm down by having a swim with me?:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

OOooh, conty! Did your mum drench your skin in calamine lotion when you had the pox? My gran and mum put it on me when I was a kid to ease the itch - but its drawback was the mess...and looking like an iced bun!

Cheeky Beeky! Get your missus/other half/significant other/mum/dad/district nurse (delete which is appropriate to you) to drench your skin in calamine lotion!!!!

If they run out of it in Bristol, I'll send you a red cross parcel from Stockport with plenty of it...and those legendary mintballs! ;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Hello, Josephine! Care for a swim!:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Mark the Shark - I have taken my chill pill and will now accompany you to Acapulco where we can meet up with Fish and have a jolly good swim! Ya-hey!

To paraphrase a Danny Kaye song: You can never out-POX the POX... (The Court Jester is the film!)

By the way, will you be watching the BBC 6 O'Clock News later on, when birthday boy, Peter Sallis, will be on???

The BBC News ROCKS...

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008


Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Right then! A quick dip and a paddle coming up!


Sock Eye Salmon

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 1st 2008

YEAH! Hey, Fish! Come in!;)

Fish Posted: Feb 1st 2008

I'm in!:D

cinders1 Posted: Feb 1st 2008

the lotion worked josephine, conty only had one or two scares on his tummy, but hes right they do look like bullet wounds!, he was lucky to only get a few scares as he was covered head to foot, ive got a picture of him covered in spots doing one of his belts for kerati, he looked like he had a bad case of achne;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Poor lamb :-( it sure is an awful dose! Those 'bullet wounds' sound nasty...conty could make up blood-curdling tales before telling the truth! ;)

Is there no end to your son's talents, cinders1? Karate! What belt is he? Is he still doing it? Wow! I bet he sees off those no-mark bullies! :D

Josephine Posted: Feb 1st 2008

Fish, Mark the Shark and squigly squid! Bondi Beach here we come!!!!!

Fish Posted: Feb 1st 2008


cinders1 Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

no he doesnt still do it, he got a couple of belts but i think his size is enough to keep bullies at arms lengh, hehe oh and his arms are long!!!! poor kids 6'3 and still growing, another martin johnson in the making i think!!! oohhh and the 6 nations rugby starts today, thats our veiwing sorted!!!!;)

squigly Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

yay!!! Bondi Beach it is!! I've never been. SPLISSSSHHHHHH SSPPPPLLLAAAAAASSSSHHHHHH. Oh...there goes one of my socks!

(btw...where in the world is Bondi Beach?)

I've never had chicken pox. If I did, I was probably a toddler, too young to remember. My mother couldn't remember either. I don't even know if I've had measles or not. Better knock on wood I don't get them!

cinders, conty is 6'3"? And he's only XX yrs. old? (I read it somewhere but won't repeat it here.) Is that 6 foot 3 inches? Or are you talking metric (if that's a ridiculous question, sorry I don't know my metric measurements)?:O

Fish Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Squigly, which kind of measles haven't you had? I think there is a vaccine for the 3 day variety at least. It would be worth looking into.

squigly Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Fish, I haven't a clue which one I've had or haven't had. I think I had a Rubella shot a very long time ago. Is that the same one?

cavor Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Rubella is for German measles but the other jabs you can have is an MMR combined jab (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) hope this helps.

My wife worked for many years as a Doctors Receptionist!

Fish Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Cavor is right, squigly. There is also now a mumps vaccine!

squigly Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Thanks for the tip, Cavor.

Mumps is the only one I know for certain that I've had. I was 11 years old and old enough to remember. It just felt like a stiff neck.:-| Maybe I just need the M (without the MR) vaccine.:D

Since we're on this threaad, I was wondering if there's a Chicken Pox vaccine?

Fish Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

Yes, there is. They came out with about ten years ago I think.

squigly Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

I definitely think that's worth lookin into. They say that if you don't have chicken pox as a child, that you're susceptible to shingles as an adult (same virus). I understand that shingles can be very painful, recovery time is long, and, in very serious cases, can affect your eye sight or even be fatal. Thanks for the info fish!

:O It's too bad Beeky didn't get his vaccine in time, eh? He's missing out on some vital production time for Trouble At Mill.:-|:-(

conty Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

squigly yes 6 feet 3 inches!! i am the tallest in my year and the next, i very often get confused with 6th formers, its funny when i play rugby, everyone else comes up to my arm pits, pheww!!! and the other team always complains that i cant be in the same year as them hehe;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

Sorry, for me absence. Me and Leopard have been away at our third Musketeer's birthday party sleepover. Sorry!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 4th 2008

hope you had a nice time sharky;)

squigly Posted: Feb 5th 2008

Well, conty, I guess it makes sense that you're that tall. You need a body big enough to house all your different talents! I bet some basketball team would love to have you on their side. cinders, what have you been feeding him!:O|-)

Hey, MTS. Did you have a Grand Day at the 3rd Musketeer's sleepover? It's no wonder the forums were so quiet this weekend!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 5th 2008

squigley, anything and everything!!! belive this or not i buy at least 32 pints of milk a week, can be up to 42!!!!:O i think i pay our milkmans morgage!!!

conty Posted: Feb 5th 2008

when i had chicken pox mum rang her friends that were having babys to not visit as its not good for them to catch it, i dont know why though, i guess it must be bad for the baby?

Fish Posted: Feb 5th 2008

It's bad for babies - they can get a lot sicker than older children. Now they've got a chicken pox vaccine over here in America at least. I don't know about the UK.

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Thanks Cinders and Squigly! Oooh, I hope you're better Conty!;)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 6th 2008

yes hes A ok now thankyou sharky!!! worn out and sound asleep!!!! hes been brake dancing:O and cross country today;)

Harry Posted: Feb 6th 2008

lol, boogie on the dance floor!!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 6th 2008

he showed me what hed been doing, and smashed a bulb in my kitchen!!!!:O good job his practice is in the school gym!!!;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 6th 2008

A cross country break dancer! Sounds groovy, cinders1! Do you think it will become an Olympic sport??? >:-)

conty, you are in for a gold medal! ;)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 7th 2008

i doubt it!!! hes too big for brake dancing but hes not too bad considering:O im keeping my fingers crossed for him though with the discus, his teacher is going to give him some one on one lessons after school as he is showing great promise, seeing as he won everything last year, just got to get him throwing for the county first!!! he broke a school record that had been held for 25 years last year,and also won a 1st in a competition in bath university and he wants to do better this year, hes got plenty of passion so who knows;)

squigly Posted: Feb 7th 2008

wow...a talented artist, musician, break dancer, rugby player, cross country runner, light bulb smasher....and now, discus thrower. Is there no end to Conty's talents? What is in that milk in you village? I wonder if the peacocks have anything to do with it. (Did you read my story in the Christmas Telly for Nick park thread?)

squigly Posted: Feb 7th 2008're not going to believe this but I just talked to my sister in California tonight. She's got Shingles (which is what you usually get if you've already had Chicken Pox)!!!! And she's coming to visit next week!:-(

Good news is, she thinks we both had chicken pox at the same time when we were small. :-| If that's so, it's gotta be before I was 4 years old because I don't remember getting anything during my school years. Bad news is my sister's memory isn't that reliable nowadays!


cinders1 Posted: Feb 7th 2008

oh no squigly i hope you dont get it together again, there are just some things you really dont want to share!!!! my dad had shingles a few years back and he was in a great deal of pain, it went right around his back and round his front and the rash only didnt meet by about 3 inches, my dad is no wimp so it must be bad

as for conty and his milk!!!!! im in no doubt give it a few years and it will be guinness!!!!! ;)

conty Posted: Feb 7th 2008

yyyeeehhh got 1st place today in cross country, well joint first, i waited for my mate so that we could share first:)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Hehehe! Hello, Conty! Have a nice nap? Sorry I couldn't resist. You seem to be good at break dancing! Just make sure you don't cause major disastors next time, eh! Poor bulb!:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 7th 2008

You know what they say, cinders1 - Guinness is good for you!
(Over 18/21s ONLY!!!! in case there are those below that age who happen to be reading this thread!)

Conty - CONGRATULATIONS and well done, you, for showing great sportsmanship!

Conty/cinders1 - my uncle worked for Guinness many years ago and his house always had a bottle or two stashed away when I'd go down to see him and my aunty! It used to be on prescription at one time...can you imagine it? ;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Hello there! Josephine! Yes, well done Conty!;)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 7th 2008

josephine my doctor suggested that i drink it when i was pregnant with conty, i only managed a few pints though, cant say that i like it much, but maybe thats why hes so big, i wonder if it works like miracle grow!!! hehe;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Hello, Mark the Shark!!!!!!!! Fancy a swim later on???

cinders1 - your doctor suggested well! It's all to do with the iron content and the good natural secret ingredients that make the creamy brew. P'raps the secret ingredient DOES contain something like Baby Bio or Miracle Gro >:-) ! It might have added great brain power to your conty, too! :D

Stout/Guinness/Murphys/Beamish/Mackesons etc. are acquired tastes but bearable with the following:

Blackcurrant cordial


Chocolate! :O

I remember watching a prog on BBC2 called Food and Drink many centuries ago. It had a wine expert (or are they called ex-spits?) called Jilly Goulden - I think she used to describe the taste of bad wine using expressions like Castrol GTX or Gnat's pee etc.

Any road-up, she was tasting a locally made Irish stout in the West of Ireland and suggested eating a bit of chocolate with every mouthful so as to take the bitter edge off the drink. I think that is why blackcurrant cordial is always popular to ask for in pubs, too.

When I went to Ireland, I actually took Jilly's advice and, lo and behold, there were choccy bars behind the bar and I asked for one as well as a Guinness. The two go together in perfect harmony.

The great thing about Irish pubs is that they serve food, tea and coffee all day and a range of fizzy drinks. Rock Shandy is manna from heaven (it is not a mixture of beer and lemonade but a generous non alcoholic mix of orange and lemon and pleasantly fizzy....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!). I can't wait until St Patrick's Day when I can get a hold of some Rock Shandy to glug down with my bacon and cabbage with spuds! >:-)

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