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Josephine Posted: Feb 7th 2008




cinders1 Posted: Feb 8th 2008

theres always guinness in our house as its my husbands fav drink, so the next time he has a glass im going to try the peice of chocolate with a mouthfull, probably the weekend when the rugbys on, i will let you know how it goes josephine;)

conty Posted: Feb 8th 2008

yes i had a good nap!!! i was wore out!!! im in the middle of doing my animation table with dad, cant wait to have it all finished, :D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

I do indeed, Josephine! Where to now!?;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 8th 2008

How the coast of Galway????!!!!



I feel another cannonball coming on!

conty Posted: Feb 9th 2008

wow mark thanks, see youve changed your avatar to another one of my creations, thanks mate!!!:)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

You're very welcome! My funny hat is on! Welcome to the Conty society!!!|-)

squigly Posted: Feb 9th 2008

cinders, I can't believe a doctor would make such a suggestion to a pregnant woman.:O Is that something that pregnant women in your parts regularly do? Does Guinness have a low alcohol content? Well, it seemed to have done wonders with Conty!:-(|)

Josephine, I've heard people describe Sauvignon Blanc (a white wine) using the term "cat pee" and it's not a negative description but a characteristic of the varietal depending on where the g-r-a-p-e-s are grown and in what region the wine is made. Maybe a gnat's pee is more pungent!:D

mmmm, chocolate and Guinness. Makes me curious about what Guinness tastes like. I've heard that choco and champagne is NOT a good combo contrary to popular belief.

Sock-eye, you're making me hungry and it's not even close to dinnertime yet!:-| Time for a mid-afternoon snack-o!!:D

The weirdest thing just happened while trying to post this message. I got a swearing error which was odd because I didn't use any swear words. Kept changing up words like alccohol, wine, no avail. Then I remembered someone else had the swear error when they typed g-r-a-p-e (sorry, can't use the word without the dashes). Isn't that strange?!?!:O

Fish Posted: Feb 9th 2008


squigly Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Isn't it? Can't even talk about g-r-a-p-e-s! Must be a swear word in somebody's language!:-|

cinders1 Posted: Feb 10th 2008

s-c-r-a-p-e is another one!!!!! thinking about it look at both those words, its probably the last 4 letters
i wasnt told to drink pints and pints and get drunk sguigly hehehe:O just to have a pint everyday for a few days as my iron levels dropped low, as i say i only managed a few over a few days, i dont really like it, but englands playing rugby today so the guinness will be out, so if i remember i will try a mouth full with some chocolate;)

squigly Posted: Feb 10th 2008

hi cinders! it's late night here so i imagine it's morn time over there. rugby matches should be starting soon? sock-eye didn't mention what type of chocolate. are you going to try different types - milk, dark, bittersweet etc.?

btw...why would r-a-p-e be a swear word?

cinders1 Posted: Feb 10th 2008

no its not a swear word but its not a very nice word, its when a man does something to a woman that she hasnt said yes to, if you get my drift

the chocolate that i will be trying will be more than likely be cadburys milk chocolate, ummmm yummy;) oh and its 9.15am here;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008


Teresa01 Posted: Feb 11th 2008

wow Peter Salis is 87 ?? :O I look forward to the new film :)

squigly Posted: Feb 12th 2008

cinders, how did it go with the chocolate and Guinness? Did the chocolate help smooth out the bitterness of the Guinness?

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

87! Good god:O almighty!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 12th 2008

hi sqigley, yes i had a go!!! i tried milk chocolate with the guinness and it was ok, but then i tried orange chocolate and that was really yummy!!!! i drank nearly his whole pint as it was so nice, but i wouldnt recommend it for the ole waist line!!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Hello Cinders!:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Hi, cinders1! Woah, you had a reall ball with the Guinness, didn't you...and I'm chuffed to mintballs that the chocolate/Guinness combination worked well.

Guinness does not give you a size zero, that's for sure, but it is good for the old iron!

Roll on, St Patrick's Day!!!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 12th 2008

whats a size zero? is that fat or thin? give me a english dress size!!!! i guess its fat:O cant imagine chocolate being slimming, what a shame that!!!;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Hello everyone! Hey, Cinders, is that another one of Rastophulus's handiwork? It's great! Conty's panther I pressume.;)

conty Posted: Feb 13th 2008

yep its my panther mum uploaded a different picture i had of him;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 13th 2008

cinders1, size zero, to put it bluntly, is a dress size for the handle of a yardbrush - that is what most models etc. seemingly aspire to!

What is wrong with a bit of meat on the bones, eh?!

I was always told that Guinness is fattening - even though there is no fat in it (but loads of carbohydrate etc.)

It contains just plenty of good stuff - bar the alcohol, of course!

Very dark chocolate, although bitter because of the high cocoa content, is supposed to contain those anti-oxy thingies.

As tomorrow is Valentine's Day, you and your other half could put some champers into a glass of Guinnes and make what is called a BLACK VELVET!!!!

(Again, I stress that this is for cinders1 as she is over 18/21 and a responsible adult - anyone below either age should steer clear of alcohol as it is potent, gives you a bad tummy and makes you behave like a total numpty if taken in excess! Don't be a numpty, kids! OK. Lecture over) 0:)

Hello to conty! What a guy! :D

conty Posted: Feb 13th 2008

hello josephine!!! i could do with some weight on my bones but nothing seems to work, im too young to have too much guinness, though i am allowed one when the rugbys on if i want one, got any ideas on how to fill out???? im a bit like that yardbrush you where talking about!!!!!;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 13th 2008

conty, petal! You do so much with your limitless talent, I'm not surprised you're's all that energy you burn off! :)

When I was talking about "size zero" and "yard brush", I meant those who starve themselves etc. just to look thin instead of eating a balanced meal and looking after themselves properly i.e. catwalk models etc.

Judging by your treasured picture with the Almighty Nick P (when you were at Forbidden Planet), you look fine to me, petal! I'm sure your mam will agree with me when I say PLEASE DON'T WORRY! As long as you are healthy and eating well for your age - a balanced diet, that is - you'll be fine.

As you do burn off a lot of energy, eat plenty of spuds with your dinner - OK, I'm Irish and I know a thing or two about spuds - boiled, mashed, baked with their skins on. You'll be full in no time and they keep your motor running for a good while!

Did you know that chips are better for you chunky than thin?

Well done for treating your Guinness with respect and the moderation it deserves! AND credit to your mam and dad for keeping a watchful eye...on the rugby as well as with the Guinness, that is! ;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Hi, squigly! Sorry for taking so long...

Whoever programmed the anti-swearing filter for this website must have had a good schoolboy/schoolgirl giggle whilst tapping in all those naughty words from the Constantly Revised Oxbridge Naughty Language Dictionary... >:-)

It's funny how words that are not so naughty still get caught in the cyber-sieve of iniquity. Katie has the remedy for this on another thread... I'll try and remember which one!

Anyway, cat's pee is just that little bit stronger than gnat's pee. As your average gnat's is a tiny creature, it needs to fill a specimen jar under a strong microscope on a slide entitled either "GENTS" or "LADIES". Make sure they flush and wash their hands after doing their bit for science and wine tasting.

Am I taking the P, here? :D

squigly Posted: Feb 14th 2008

Are you?>:-)

Cat must have had a pint of iron-laden Guinness to make it's pee stronger. (ba-dum-dum!);)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 14th 2008

josephine, your quite right, he does burn it all off, he was in a swimming gala yesterday, i tell him he is just lovely the way he is, but hes a teenager and cant wait to get as big and muscular as his dad, but it will come, he eats enough thats for sure!!!!!! he will probably tell me off for saying, but he has been offered modelling work for a very large company and a tv advert, but the work is in school time so we as parents have said no, as we feel his education is more important, but hes been offered £500 a day:O here is one of his pics here so like i tell him he cant be all that bad!!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 14th 2008

Oh well. I have a couple of years to go before I become a teenager but I still want to have muscles! RRAAARGGGGHHH! Hehehe! Good god, did he get offered because a company so his deviantwork?!! What a lucky fella!!!:D

Harry Posted: Feb 14th 2008

hehe, just gotta tell you lot this about my teacher, he had a dentist called dr. slaughter once, but after he went there, he never went again, he told us all it in a funny way!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 14th 2008


Harry Posted: Feb 14th 2008

yea, quick reply mark!

Josephine Posted: Feb 14th 2008

cinders1 - I had a look at the website with your conty...

No flannel, petal - no wonder he is much sought-after as a model for TV ads etc. :) BUT I do agree with you wholeheartedly that his schoolwork comes first. He has talent and skill coming out of his ears and it would be a sad loss to the wider world if anything should stand in the way of nurturing his God-given talents.

I apologise if I give the impression that I am speaking to the converted or that I come across as patronising in any way. I have friends in the music business and other media and we often talk about these things and a lot of it delights and concerns me in equal measure.

Continue giving conty those Desperate Dan portions and, as for muscles - don't let him turn into Popeye! ;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 14th 2008

squigly squid! Indeed, Guinness has its after affects ... ask any gnat under the microscope! :D

Fancy a swim?!

rastophulus Posted: Feb 14th 2008

Conty's got everything a good animator needs - talent, dedication and attention to detail! You're dead right about school - a rounded education is worth more than any amount of money. Nick Park made his name and fortune with his final project at university. I'll eat my hat if conty doesn't do the same!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 15th 2008

wow guys, thanks for your kind words and support!!! lots of friends said we were mad!!!!, but belive we are right in our thinking, its really nice to hear from someone like you josephine who have friends in media and music, and hear that you think we done the right thing!!!! thankyou

your a dying breed josephine and rastophulus, most are out for the money, and like us you belive that there are alot more important things in life at his age, lots of great education and FUN!!!!thanks guys;)

squigly Posted: Feb 15th 2008

cinders, you (and Simon's look-alike) made a good decision by putting education first. Conty is still developing his talents and I think being in a school environment affords him the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and explore other interests. If modeling is a path that he was meant to follow, then it will come, someday. (btw, great headshot. was it professionally done?) Rastophulus makes a good point too.

Sock-eye Salmon...isn't it funny how far we stray from the thread topic? It's gone from Pox to Pee (gnat, cat or otherwise).:D

cinders1 Posted: Feb 15th 2008

yes squigly they were professionally done, i have some great pics!!!thankyou for your kind comments, but like you say we have gone off topic AGAIN we are so naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!

so beeky have you cleared that mess from your desk yet? seems like we are not the only naughty ones eh!!!!! hope your feeling much better and dont look like youve been shot with the ole scares!!!!;)

squigly Posted: Feb 15th 2008

well, cinders, I think while Beeky remains silent and there are no other updates, we're allowed to be naughty and stray from topic.>:-):-(|)

speaking of, let's see more conty pics! if not here, how about on deviant art? That was a great shot of him! You've got a special one there. Multi-Talented as well as level headed!

cinders1 Posted: Feb 15th 2008

squigly he doesnt want to add any more to his deviantart account as its the place where he wants to post his art work,;)

Fish Posted: Feb 15th 2008

Well the "topic police" have already pounced on us once. 8) That is, if Jason has some sort of status behind his repremand. I removed my "off topic" response to Mark the shark's question a few days ago, since Jordan chose to jump in right after I had posted it. (Now that I am thinking about it, this is when I first lost sight of my sorts.)

Anyhow, Beeky needs to talk with us and tell us how he is!

Josephine Posted: Feb 15th 2008

cinders1, you and conty have the good common sense to stick to your guns. I totally concur with squigly and rastophulus. You, your other half and conty keep doing what you are doing and maintain your healthy attitude to life and learning. You'll be better off, believe me!

The Almighty Nick P almost didn't get that far, you know. His O Level grades were not sufficient enough to get him to the local Art School. Undeterred, he brought into the principle's office everything he made and drew, begging to convince her that he was committed, although the O Levels weren't much cop. The principle used discretion to allow him to study there by way of a Foundation Course and, from there he flourished and blossomed - to Sheffield Polytechnic (now the University of Hallam) and the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield - and eventually to Aardman. He didn't have much money in the process but he kept going and going until he got there... with the Aards. Even now, though he has money beyond his wildest dreams, it does not rule his life or change his attitude to what is important. He does what he does because he LOVES IT!!!!! Not because it would make him "lottery" amounts at all.

Why can't people understand that money isn't the be-all and end-all of life? It helps - sure! But don't let it rule you!

Fish Posted: Feb 15th 2008

How do you know all this about Nick Park? Is there a biography published...or what?

Josephine Posted: Feb 15th 2008

PS: cinders1 - it was not just a pleasure to be able to impart my two-penny's worth but I felt it was my duty...

OK, where is our gorgeous pin-up, Cheeky Beeky?

Beeky, Beeky?! Where for art thou, Beeky??!!?!?!?!!!

Oh, Beeky, we heareth you not -

Is the pox still on your bot?


Josephine Posted: Feb 15th 2008

Fish - I have collected many articles, interviews etc. about Nick Park for over a decade. That nugget of information was harvested from a BBC Local Radio programme that paid tribute to Nick P many mintballs ago and I happen to have a recording of it.

He is a fascinating person to read about - though he might not think that about himself. Unfortunately, there is no biography or autobiography about him...I guess he just likes his beloved & to take more of the limelight than him. He is a very shy, private person, actually (that's what my friends and colleagues have said who have been lucky enough to meet and talk to him).

His work is his life.

Josephine Posted: Feb 15th 2008

Gnats and cats and lots of P!

Speaking of cats, squigly squid...

I was doing a bit of shopping and I heard a young lad at the market pet stall say this:

I woke up this morning with cat food in my hair.

It sounds like a case of the (Russian) blues to me! ;)

I wooooke up this morniiiin' with caaat fooood in ma hairrrr
I wooooke up this morniiiin' with caaat fooood in ma hairrrr
So I picked up that darn cat
And asked why he put it therrrre!

Oh I've got the doggone, catnip shampoo bluuuues
Oh, lordy! I've got the doggone, catnip shampoo ba-luuuues
I'm gunna go round to that vet
and tell him the neeeeewwwwwwssss!!!

I thank you!

Sock Eye Salmon

cinders1 Posted: Feb 15th 2008

thankyou josephine, ;)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 15th 2008

hehe that reminds me of a story my dad told me

he was a forman for a building company, and was working with a team of men at an old ladys house, she made them all a cup of tea and asked my dad if he would carry the tray of cups of tea outside for the men, he went in to collect the tray, and the old lady said 'oh wait a minute ive not stirred them' and picked up a tea spoon with cats food and mouldy hair stuck to it and stirred all the cups of tea!!!!!! :O

the poor old lady couldnt see that well, and didnt relise what she had done, dad didnt say anything and carried the tray outside with the old lady behind him, so he couldnt tell the men as she was stood with them,and they all drank it!!!!!! yuk dad waited untill she walked away and poured his on the lawn, then he told the men what she had done!!!! hehe i bet he was popular that day!!!!:D

Fish Posted: Feb 15th 2008

Your poor dad, cinders1! YUK! :D

Thanks for info, Josephine. From what I've observed of the man I think he must have a very kind heart.

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