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Josephine Posted: Feb 15th 2008

Crumbs, cinders1! :O I wonder what the tea tasted like?!?!! PG Tips with a hint of Kit-e-Kat...and a note of chinchilla! His men must have wretched when he told them!

Bless that poor woman's heart, she was being kind... but, unwittingly, not so kind to the old tastebuds!

I bet also that they never let him live that one down for a good while... >:-)

cinders1 Posted: Feb 16th 2008

i think there was an awful lot of heaving, wretching and laughing going on!!!! all the men turned up for work the next day, so none of them where ill, but dad felt sorry for the old lady, like he said you can only imagine what she must eat by mistake everyday the poor thing!!!! oh and the men didnt have another cuppa there, they all had a flask the next day!!!!!! teeeheeee;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 16th 2008

The almighty Conty!!!:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 16th 2008

cinders1 - crumbs! P'raps the lady puts Kattie Munch on her china plates instead of custard creams when she's having her afternoon tea. Aw, poor love! It is a sin to mock the afflicted, isn't it?!? >:-) Bless her! 0:)

On the subject, cinders!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the paper today ... there is a guy who actually TASTES premium dog food for Marks and Sparks!!! There he was in the photograph, bold as brass, tucking into a fork of posh dog chow! :O And, what's more - he looked like he was enjoying it!

Eh, what's wrong with my dog tasting it? Or, indeed, anybody's doggie? What about ? But a BLOKE???!!!???!!! I wonder if he saw the ad in the Job Centre and went along to the interview - just for a giggle!?

And, NO! It was NOT Gordon Ramsay! :D

cinders1 Posted: Feb 17th 2008

uuurrrggghhh yuk!!!! mind you dog food doesnt stink like it used to, i used to gag when i used to feed my dog when i was a kid, the stink of fish!!! yuk, i still hate the smell of wet manky fish!!!
i couldnt belive my eyes when i saw an advert for people to buy cat milk!!!! whats that all about!!!! whats wrong with a bit of cows milk out the fridge!!!!for your cat??? the world gone mad, oh dear ive upset the cat!!! but dont worry you can always buy a card for your cat,:O ive seen them at tescos!!!!

back to the dog food, i think there alot of men out there that have tasted the ole dog food, but not known it untill they finished eating their lovely pie their upset wife had made them for tea,:O ive never done it, but i do know one that has, hehe i bet what ever it was he done, i bet he didnt do it again, or maybe he got a taste for it and thats him you seen in the paper, could be the job of his dreams!!!! uuummm yum ;):D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 17th 2008

Hello everyone! :D

Fish Posted: Feb 17th 2008

Hello Mark the shark!:D

cinders1 Posted: Feb 17th 2008

hi sharky and fish:) glad your back from your swim!!!! fish do you make any models or animations?

conty Posted: Feb 17th 2008

thanks josephine and sguigly your really kind, i was going to say cheers but the rugbys not been on, so ive not had a guinness hehe!!!!!!!!!!! we went out to a party last night, hehe it was so funny, cinders and dad were the disco divas!!! i was laughing so much theyre mad!!!! :D

cinders1 Posted: Feb 17th 2008

hey you!!!!!! we have to let our hair down sometimes!!! but your right it was funny;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 18th 2008

Really Cinders. Are you a very free-spirted parent. Well, my parents wouldn't do that and that's for certain. But I wish they did. Well, I hope you enjoyed it Conty!:D

conty Posted: Feb 18th 2008

yep but shes stiff now hehe!!!!!!

when are we going to get some more updates beeky? i guess you must be back to work by now, and hopefully feeling better,;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 19th 2008

Hello there!;)

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