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Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Mar 5th 2013

Every time i click on an emoticon below the box where you type, it doesn't work. i need to type  letters to enter the emoticon. Why? Hope aardman could find a way that i can fix it...


I will click the emoticons-  
Nothin happens.

If i type the words-  
it works.

1flyingdog Posted: Mar 5th 2013

I have the same thing!

tre01 Posted: Mar 5th 2013

I had the same, so i click and dragged the emoticon into the message box instead.')">

wallace05man Posted: Mar 6th 2013

me too

wallace05man Posted: Mar 6th 2013

i drag them now

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 6th 2013

it does it if u touch it on my ipad but on my computer it doesnt, i hav to drag it too, seems weird though cause it used to work by clicking fine

gromitrox123 Posted: Mar 8th 2013

The same happened to me! I have to drag the emoticon into the box! OR type them..

daisychimp Posted: Mar 9th 2013

Mine's not doing anything! Or it might just be that I'm a rubbish emoticon dragger.

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