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Kitrox Posted: Mar 7th 2013

Hello all! 

I hope you dont mind me asking you if you can help me out with a rough value of a 'Signed Shaun the Sheep footstool' which was given to me at a village fate by Nick Park himself. 

Here is a link to the Ebay listing:

I am pretty upset that I have to sell it, but needs must. 

If you think this is too cheap or too expensive I would really appreciate you letting me know! 
Thanks, Kit 

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 8th 2013

Im not too sure on the price sorry, but where did u get the footstool, was it from nick park or did he just sign it because i would love one of them

jordan Posted: Mar 11th 2013

Well the stools, pretty popular on its own , having a signed sketch surely adds more value, depends on if theres people interested 

Kitrox Posted: Mar 26th 2013

Thanks for the replies! I won the footstool at a school fete, one of Nick Park's relatives went to the same one. We had to guess the name of a sheep in a pen, and I guessed right! Very lucky I know!  

I have seen the footstools on Ebay quite a lot, they seem to sell for £30ish. So MrTechnoTrousers have a hunt on there!

Someone has offered me £150 for it, which I suppose is a fair price. 

Thanks again! Kit 

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 26th 2013

Wow, I see you received £250 in the end! Such a shame you had to sell it, but hopefully it's going to a good home with plenty of cheese...

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