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Azarte Posted: Mar 14th 2013

Yay :) I love Harry Potter, this is an RPG (Role Playing Game) about Harry Potter. Make up your own characters and send them to Hogwarts :) Promised relationship drama, tandtrums and fun ;)

Here's a form to fill out about your character:
Blood Status:
Favourite lesson:
Relationship status:

:) Fill out the form and then get writing.  

My form----------
Name: Celia (nicknamd Cece and Cee)
Age: 14
Wand: 9 inch Dragon heart string
Blood Status: muggle born
Favourite lesson: DADA
Appearence: Celia is short with brown hair and big brown eyes. She has dimples and smiles a lot. Always having a constant battle with spots that she tries to keep down ;) She's pretty in her own way that's different to anyone else
Personality: She's a chatterbox and very brave and always sticks up for her friends. Cece is extremely stubborn and strong willed and a brilliant duler. She loves to laugh and have fun and is very easy going.
Relationship status: In a relationship (anyone want to be her boyfriend?)
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch: Chaser

Aza xxxx

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 14th 2013

Ok i'll play, dont know loads about harry potter though

name: Jaken
age: 15
wand: 7 inch, diamond encrusted
blood status: pure blood
favourite lesson: potions
appearance: fairly tall, brown hair, blue eyes, slightly stocky
personality: bit stubborn, but generally kind, untrusting towards people he doesn't know, brave, can be aggresive though, intimidating to people that he hates
relationship status: single
house: ravenclaw
quidditch:  keeper

Azarte Posted: Mar 14th 2013

Thanks MrTechnoTrousers! :) We'll start writing when there are more people xx

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 14th 2013


Nathan M Posted: Mar 14th 2013

Name: Merlin 
Age: 17
Wand: 13 3/4 inch, Phoenix feather, Suprisingly swishy!
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Favourite lesson: Potions (very good at this subject)
Appearence: Black hair, blue eyes and fairly tall for his age
Personality: shifty, seems to be in a mood, does't say much to anyone but loves to read books alone, he doesn't give much information away to anyone
Relationship status: Single
House: Slitherin 
Quidditch: Doesn't play

daisychimp Posted: Mar 15th 2013

YAYAYAYAYA! I'dd do the same profile as my one on the TMP!

Name: Jennifer Taylor
Age: 16
Wand: a nice one
Blood Status: pure
Favourite lesson: Dark arts
Appearence: blonde, wavy hair with the occasional pink streak, blue eyes
Personality: Brave, lots of courage, fun, clever, can be snappy at times
Relationship status: married to a sponge
House: gryfindor
Quidditch: sneaker

I'll also make a profile for "Celia's" boyfriend

Name: Jack Jones (my friend made up that name when tricking someone that she had a boyfriend when it was someone off a TV programme)
Age: 14
Wand: 11 inch  hippigriff tail with a hint of dragon wing
blood status: half 
fave lesson: dark arts
Appearence: Brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: Nice, funny, a bit selfish at times
Relationship status: Celia
House: gryfindoor
Quidditch: Chaser   

Azarte Posted: Mar 16th 2013

Awesome guys! Do you want to start POVing then? I'll start shall I? Also, don't write massive essays as answers to passages of writing ;)

Celia ~

After saying goodbye to Mum and Dad, I pull my trunk along the train and try to find some seats. I find an empty compartment and sit down. I'm soon joined by Jaken, a boy in Ravenclaw. "Hey," I say cheerily. I know him from our potions lessons. "How was your summer?" I ask.

He grins. "Went to the quidditch cup," he looks smugly at me and I sigh with jelousy.

"I've always wanted to go! My parents are muggles though...they don't understand the sport," I shrug and open the Daily Prohpet. "Ooh look Rita Skeeta's done a report about the dementors that've gone missing from askaban," I flock curiosly onto the page.

"Ugh," Jaken replies. "Rita Skeeta is such a liar. Just prints what she likes," he snorts but I shrug. Jack then walks in and I jump to my feet and hug him.

"Hey!" I say. 

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 16th 2013


i ignore the entrance of jack and start reading a book on the history of dark arts

Azarte Posted: Mar 16th 2013

*Please write your characters name before starting to write* :)

daisychimp Posted: Mar 16th 2013

~Jennifer POV~

Here it is. Another year of hogwarts. Probably just as boring as the other ones. Altough being near the top of the school may be good, as I can look down to people. I could do that in first year though. My tallness is scaring me.
Having not seen Cee and the rest of a gang for the whole summer due to some stupid "Ministry Job" that my day tried out for then left then tried to get back in (it's a long story), I was excited to be back again.

Also, like last year, Cee with be hanging around with Jack again. Love is so... sickening. It's like it's cute, but then it's horrible. Love confuses me.

I did my usual job of running to the platform, then jumping onto my trolley (the usual sequence) then letting Samson (my owl) fly off. I could see merlin hanging around with his parents, and Nadine was hugging her sister who had now left. It was good to be back.

My dad had made his way through the platform and came over too me.
"Honey, the job's in the bag" he said.
"Yeah, great"
"I can't believer I'll be working at the ministry!"
"I don't even care about your stupid job at the Ministry!!" I said.
"Sorry love. Ever since mum died a job has been really important and finally to get one, and it being in the ministry too, is-"
"Look, I know your happy dad, but maybe we could change the subject?" I said.
"Yes, sorry. Have a great year. I'll send you letters! I'll be able to tell you everything about my new job-"
"Dad!" I attempted to storm off, but dad held me back.
"See you Jen. Enjoy yourself." he said. 
"See you Dad" I said.

That's what dad is like. All he talks about is himself. Or occasionally how I need to eat potatoes. I wish mum was still here. It's not the same without her.

I got onto the train. I looked for our normal carrage- 23. Ceelia, Jaken and Jack were in their. Jaken was reading, and Ceelia and Jack were hugging. Great.

I got into the carrage. 
"JEN!!!!!!!!!!" said Cee. She left Jack and squeezed me so tight I couldn't breathe.
"Ok, ok, calm down!" I giggled, as cee attempted to lift me.

"How's your summer been?" Said Cee, "I haven't seen you for months"
"Yeah, dad got this stupid job with the ministry. It's been all he's been talking about for weeks," I said.
"Well that's great to hear! said Cee, "sit down"



daisychimp Posted: Mar 16th 2013


daisychimp Posted: Mar 16th 2013


daisychimp Posted: Mar 16th 2013


Azarte Posted: Mar 16th 2013

Haha that's cool. It was a good post!! Plus...OH MY GAMMON :)

Celia -

I let Jen fall onto the chair and we all start chatting. We buy a load of sweets from the trolley and begin to stuff ourselves. "So Rita Skeeta thinks the dementors were sent away from askaban..." I stick a bertie bots every flavour bean in my mouth. "Omg they were sent from the ministry! That's what Skeeta reckons anyway..."

"Celia!" Jack, Jacken and Jen cry at the same time. I look up over the Daily Prophet. "Ritza Skeeta writes rubbish," Jen says, smiling. I shrug.

"You don't know that,"

"Yeah I do!" Jen laughs and I supress a grin.

"You know she actually wrote some good stuff about bertie bots every flavour beans," I say distractedlly as I stuff another bean in my mouth. "Ugrh," I say. "It's like...concrete flavour!" they all laugh and Jacken snatches the Daily Prophet.

"Says here concrete flavour doesn't exist, Cece," says Jacken. I grunt and shrug. 

daisychimp Posted: Mar 16th 2013

~Jennifer POV~

"Yes, but this is Rita Skeeta we're talking about. Not Mr Truth guy," I said. "Pass it here a second Jaken"
I took the newspaper off Jaken and looked at the Ministry section. The job my dad was doing at the ministry was "Magical creatures department." Part of his new amazing job was something to do with fighting dememtors. I think that, anyway.

The Ministry has sent dementors away from azkaban to give the prison better sercurity. The Minister of magical creatures says "They were doing a rubbish job anyway. And they were practically killing people. I got rid of them."

"wait guys, this acctually might be true" I said.
"What? There really is a concrete flavoured bertie bot?" asked Celia.
"No- the dementer thing. My dad said something about the Minister of magical creatures resigning because of something to do with dementors... He's taking his job! So dad can't wait to get dementors back, then he'll invade Chainby with them, get minister of magic, bring mum back, boast, boast more, become minister of magic, rule the earth, and aventually die!"
"Whatty-what what what what what?" said Jack.
"Nothing..." I said, "just- maybe we all under estimate Rita Skeeter." 


MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 16th 2013


i put my feet up on the opposite chair and started whistling. I paused for a moment to state out loud "i dont believe a thing that woman says, never have done, never will" " everything she writes, its all lies, you shouldnt listen to such nonsense" my statement got the attention of the whole carrage. "so, anyone want some sweets, dont think i can handle anymore", i then opened the window and threw out my book! "Rubbish old book, dont even know why i was reading it, not much of a page turner i have to say" smiling to myself i closed the window and went back to whistling.

1flyingdog Posted: Mar 16th 2013

Oooh! I love Harry Potter! Name: Lola White Age:12  Wand: Phoenix feather and Dragon wing! Blood Status: Pure! Favourite lesson: Care of Magical Creatures! Appearence: Brown hair, Blue eyes! and Very tall for her age! Personality: Kind to all! and loves animals! Relationship status: none! House: Gryfindor! Quidditch: Doesn't play!

Azarte Posted: Mar 17th 2013

Celia - 

"Omg Jen you never listen to me! I told you Rita Skeeta's brilliant!" I say. Everyone snorts and ignores me. "Um...Jacken, you know you just threw a book out the window right?" I supress a grin.

"Yeah. It was a bit boring. Not my kind of thing," he shrugs.Jen laughs.

"Do you-oh hi guys" Lola's voice came from the compartment door. We all stare at her. "How are you guys?" she asks, coming to sit with us. 

"Good," we all chorus.

"Do you know how much longer it is until we get to Hogwarts?" she asks.

"Ages probably." I say. 

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 17th 2013


i pull my wand out from under my cloak, twisting it and turning it in my hands i attempt to translate the ancient text engraved all around it. "Do any of you know what this says?" I hand it to the others who shrug and one after the other  say "not sure". They hand it back to me and i say "ill have to ask dumbledor or someone when we get to hogwarts. My grandparents engraved it on there years ago but they are dead now so i am clueless as to what it says"

" if you dont mind, i think im gonna take a quick nap" i say as i slump against the wall and close my eyes.

daisychimp Posted: Mar 17th 2013


"ugh.." I groaned, "I so regret not getting a chocolate frog. I'm starving!"
"I've got some!" Smiled Lola "my mum won a competition and we were sent loads! You should have seen there were frogs everywhere!"
"oh, thanks Lola!" I said as Lola handed a frog.
I opened the packaging. There was the frog, asleep, and next to it there was a card. I held the frog still and saw that the face on the card was familiar. "The minister of magical creatures!" I exclaimed.
"What's so good about him?" Said jaken
"nothing," I said, it's just my dad-"
the picture on the card changed, and I saw a rather smug-looking photo of my dad on the card.
"What the heck?" Said Celia, why is your dad their?"
"didn't you know? He's the new minister of magical creatures"
"really?" Said celia, "dose't that mean that he's in charge of dementors-"
"We're here!" Said Lola cheerfully. She skipped off the train and ran up to a rather wet looking Hagrid, who's feet had grown after the summer and whose beard had gained another sausage. 
He waved at us and called out "you guys ok? 'Ad a nice summer"
the others all nodded.

Azarte Posted: Mar 17th 2013

Celia _

"Jen, that's great. He looks amazing on that chocolate frog card! Omg you can ask him how they work...I've always wondered," I laugh and hop onto a carrage with her, Jack and Jacken. Jack grabs my hand as we sit down and a bunch of fluttery nerves fly into my system.

"He's so pleased..." Jen said slowly. I nod.

"He should be! Ministry of magical creatures...I mean - no offence - I hate some creatures and think some of Hagrids Blast Ended Skrewts or whatever they were, were horrid! But it's very high up job," I blabber, instantly boring everyone. I always talk too much. "He should be proud," I add, as if I haven't already covered that subject.

The carrage ride is quicker than it normally is and I find myself rushed towards the Gryffindor table before I can say hello to anyone.  

1flyingdog Posted: Mar 17th 2013

*Lola*  After I had eaten I said to Jen " Have you read the Wizards Guide to Magical Creatures?"  "I might not be a Wizard but I find it fascinating!"

daisychimp Posted: Mar 17th 2013


I patted the Thestral on the back. I dislike them though- they always remind me of how mum died. It has been 7 years since I saw her. I've still never told Dad or Pixie (my little sister in year 6) That I saw her die in the basement. And since then life's been a misery 

I rushed for the hall, but then remembered something- I was a prefect. I ran back towards the lake where I met a flock of year 7's. Hagrid was there, taking all the boats and giving torches.
"Oh, 'ello Jen! I see your a prefect then?" said Hagrid joyfully.
"Yeah" I said, " Who else is doing it?"
"Erm, I think you, Alice, Fergus and Louise from Gryfindoor. Why?"
"Just wandering" I said.
"Well, that's good. You'll 'ave to take 'em to the hall seein' as no one else 'as turned up. Right you lot, follow Jen"
It was scary. They all followed me. It was like wherever I went, they would go. It was so annoying.
Once we'd reached the school gates, I heard Hagrid call "Just go straight in Jen!"

Opening the gates was a bit of trouble, as the little people following me cornered my every step. After finally getting into the school, someting else happened. One of the years 7's had fallen down the steps into the school. I could tell that their blood was not pure. He was in tears and claimed that he couldn't move. I'd done this spell before.

I took out my wand, and cried "Imfodushious!"
The child lay there, his eyes closed, his mouth open, and his tears drowned.
"Is he ok?" Someone asked.
All of a sudden, the boys eyes opened and he was standing up. The year 7's clapped and gasped, as if I was some magician.
Well, I suppose I was.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 17th 2013


i sat down at the ravenclaw table and began chatting to my friends. Some of them started showing off spells that they had tried to learn over the summer. I showed off a trick of my own by making a magic eagle appear and fly arouns the room. It almost took one of the tescher's hat right of their head.
 she yelled to which everybody looked round, "who was that!" unlucky for me some kid in slitherin pointed me out.  "Jaken Parker! Detention! Now in my office!" I had to walk out of the hall occumpanied by the teacher and my friends that were also caught.

daisychimp Posted: Mar 19th 2013


MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 19th 2013

How come nobody's posted in a while?

daisychimp Posted: Mar 21st 2013

Sorry I've had loads if homework!

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 21st 2013

I had exams, i still managed to post, it only takes a min or two

daisychimp Posted: Mar 21st 2013

I'm probably just not as good at getting through homework then!

daisychimp Posted: Mar 21st 2013


"Blimey!" I gasped to Celia "A detention within the first hour? That's gotta be a record?"
"No, it's not, actually," said Cee, "Sam Perkins had one in the first 5 minutes for shoving a first year student in the lake"
"Oh yeah. That was when you were year 7!" I said.
"Yes. And you were year nine. You laughed!"
"Yeah, but it was pretty funny. The look on your face- anyone would have thought you wanted to run away!" I said.
"But it's pretty scary when someone is bullied like that! I thought I'd be next!"
"Aww, little Cee cee! Sam Perkins was expelled for bullying anyway!"
"I know, but-" Celia stopped. The headteacher, Balondrobe, stood up.
"I have an announcement." Said the rather tired looking head.
And this is what Balondrobe said:
"I am afraid to say that this year, the dark arts lessons are cancelled"
There was an outburst of groans and complaints- food was even thrown and some students walked out.
"This subject has been removed from the school due to too much damage, injury and bad attitude. Replacing the Dark arts will be Magical exercise."
Some people cheered at this, though most of the pupils were upset.
"But, of course" started  Balondrobe, "A new subject means a new teacher. Everyone please welcome professor Eggsy!"
A tall, hairy, rather young looking man was stood at the door. He had short hair on his head, hairy legs and most of all, he had only had one eye.
"We MUST start a dark arts club" I muttered to Celia. Cee nodded and looked at Eggsy.
"But we have to get rid of him first" said Cee.
She was right.   

leroy Posted: Jul 27th 2013

hey can i sitll join? or did you guys stopped

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 24th 2013

I love this story! You guys are so creative! :)

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