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Gromit lad Posted: Mar 15th 2013

Ok, I haven't been on in a while, quite some time actually, and I wanted to catch up on things. Firstly, I see theres a new Aardman Staff member, who seems very nice and I can't wait to see how this year goes with the staff. Secondly, I noticed a lot of new members, also old members, so are most of the older members still around? Lastly, THERES A COOKIE ON THE BOTTOM LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN! IT'S SOO COOL, I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHIP!


daisychimp Posted: Mar 15th 2013

I'm new-ish! I joined in January from my old website... :)

I think KirstenW has left! I've met her before and she's really nice but I heard someone saying that she had left aardman :(
Not quite sure...   

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 15th 2013

I joined just under 1 and a half years ago

i dont really know too much about kirsten apparently leaving, but i hav seen the new staff member

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