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Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 17th 2013

I've not been on here in ages. Like literally months, and now I'm back (sort of, got finals etc..) and everything has changed, so I wondered if an old timer, or a new one or whoever cold clear some things up. Is TMP the Tate movie project? Are a lot of these new people from the forums that were there? welcome belated welcome :) 
also what has happened to all the animation talks in the W&G Chat? Has everyone just given up on animations now?



also if you cant post a gif of cristina yang hugging meredith grey here, when can you. 

samuelhayward Posted: Apr 17th 2013

I'm still here, though not as often, as I'm doing my IGCSE's at the moment. I'm still doing animation- well I say I'm doing animation- I'm working on a storyboard in my free time, so a bit slow progress.

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 17th 2013

Yes most of the newer people came from the tmp which is the tate movie project. There's also still quite a bit of talk on animating.

good to see you back on here again GLB

iantimothy Posted: Apr 18th 2013

There is still some animation talk. Not as much as there should be though! If you look at the new lip sync thread and the other one about creating smooth animation, you can see that I jumped right in on that and wrote (maybe more than I should) about this stuff. I wish there were more people on here interested in animation, like there used to be.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 18th 2013

I still talk about animation a lot but I don't really do stop-mo anymore, more 2D.

iantimothy Posted: Apr 18th 2013

Mason, I really like your 2D style.

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 18th 2013


MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 18th 2013

Not on the same page as you here tercla, what is that supposed to mean?

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 19th 2013

It's looking good then guys!
samuelhayward-that sounds good! Good luck in your IGCSEs!!
MrTechnoTrousers-thanks for clearing that up! Good to be back!
ian-I saw that, it's a real shame that there's not as many amatuer enthusiasts, or even nigh on professionals like yourself on here, the folk that joined when AMOLAD came out have just become busy as they've moved up to college or university, especially if they're not pursuing the hobby professionally. I would love to do some animation but chemistry is evil to learn and I kinda regret choosing it, I hope that when some new material gets announced or comesout that people begun to become interested in it all over again.
mason, I love your animations, I really do.
TerCla10, again, what on earth are you trying to say? 

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 19th 2013

Thanks Ian and GLB! 

gromitrox123 Posted: Apr 28th 2013

I agree, there should be more forums on animation!
And mason: What do you use to make your animations? 

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