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TerCla10 Posted: Apr 23rd 2013

have you ever taken a test that has literally taken the whole day to finish ( from 8 m to 2:30 pm) and then we just had what i call "free time" but in stead of hanging out with my best friend ( that is a guy) i fell asleep at my desk and i woke up with his jaket covering my shoulders :3tht was nice but i dont want to be soo tired after a test that i fall asleep

 so can any of you relate comment and share your story it will be fun!

Bambooski Posted: Apr 24th 2013

One time I took a really, really, really tricky and annoying test. I knew I got a lot of answers wrong. But when we got them back, none of my answers were marked wrong! I suppose that it just slipped through and somehow didn't end up being marked.  It was odd, but because nothing was marked wrong, I got a perfect score!

daisychimp Posted: Apr 24th 2013

In a recent maths test one of the really annoying boys had to sit next to me and he was singing! :-/ I got about 85% which sounds good but my friend only got two wrong!

iantimothy Posted: Apr 24th 2013

I have a 3 1/2 hour AP Art History test coming up. So that should be fun

Gromit lad Posted: Apr 24th 2013

Oh boy... more math. Well, back sometime ago, we had a no gum policy in just this one specific strict teacher's class, and he caught some kid chewing some. He told him to spit it out... and he did, directly at him. He was sent to the office... and recently... well 4 years ago, we had testing centers where the rooms had to be dead silent. One kid fell asleep and was making weird noises as he slept, and was snoring. 30 minutes later, he woke up and kept acting as cool as he thought he was.


TerCla10 Posted: Apr 24th 2013

omg haha! today we had another and once again i fell asleep afterwards .... but i wasnt the only one it turns out that there were three more kids tht fell asleep too, i feel asleep with gum in my mouth and when my friend woke me up he scared me and i swallowed my gum :p

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Apr 25th 2013

I had a test which took me a day for studying.It was very fun.I want more tests.I love tests!

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 25th 2013

wow... hmmm okay ?

ARC-1999816 Posted: Apr 25th 2013

I hate the kind of tests where every one else is done but one kid is only half way finished, then we all have to wait for him to finish

Nathan M Posted: Apr 25th 2013

I hate tests altogether. Once had an art thing that lasted 10 hours over 2 days, suppose it wasn't a test of sorts but still long. Had lots of other tests too that wern't fun either - But for some reason I liked the english exams (where you get to write a short story!)

samuelhayward Posted: Apr 26th 2013

I have a ten hour art exam coming up in May.

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 26th 2013

yep i wish we could take a test on something fun like a " did this make you laugh?" test

daisychimp Posted: Apr 29th 2013

Haha yeah that would be a good one!

TerCla10 Posted: Apr 29th 2013

ikr! or we could have the computers and do whatevetr we want to do on them until school is over ( livin the life)

daisychimp Posted: Apr 30th 2013

Or just no school??!!!!! :)

Bambooski Posted: May 1st 2013


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