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cocolangham Posted: Apr 27th 2013

hey im hopeing to get a job at Aardman and im hopeing that some people would be kind and please subscribe to my channel on youtube there isnt any animations on there yet cause im doing one to upload but i would love if you could subscribe to me and my awsome mate hes a very good friend of mine his name is MrgamerAddiction and mine c langham but i need to change ine if you cant find me hes subscribe to me so subscirbe to me there when i upload a video i would love it if you could watch it and then let me know what i could do to improve the animation i hope you take a look my mate is awsome he would love if you could subscribe to him i will be uploading a new animation hopefully thank you also could you let me know of any gameplay recorders on pc and i love to play minecraft so if you want to play online with me let me know :) thank you xxx

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Apr 27th 2013

Maybe you should make a thread like this when you have a video

cocolangham Posted: May 8th 2013

yeah i will im going to see mcfly tomorrow so im gonna have my video posted on their thank you for the heads up :) !! x

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: May 8th 2013

are you going to post any animations as you want to work at aardman?

cocolangham Posted: May 9th 2013

yeah mainly its my passion :) x

JodieD Aardman Staff Posted: May 9th 2013

Hi cocolangham, we don't allow people to share their real names and other personal details on the forums. You can share your animations once you have made them, how about entering them into the Creations Competiton?

cocolangham Posted: May 11th 2013

okay sorry didnt really realise that much was sed yeah i will sorry 

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