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chicken lickin Posted: Jun 15th 2013

Hi to all you fellow wallace and gromit fans, To those of you that don't know me am chicken licken and have not been on the website in a long long long time!!!! Last 2 years have been very busy for me at school as i was doing my GCSE's but thats all over now so its time to get back to what i love....wallace and gromit!!!! hahahaha :) any who its good to be back :) xxx

1flyingdog Posted: Jun 15th 2013

Welcome back chicken lickin!

chicken lickin Posted: Jun 18th 2013

Thanks 1flyingdog :) its good to be back hahaha

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jun 18th 2013

you must really be old here! i've seen in some forums before. anyway welcome back too. btw, whats gcse?

Nelson8 Posted: Jun 20th 2013

Hi Chicken Lickin and welcome back! I have a tons of chickens (Well, only 10) And you must like that movie too, hm?

chicken lickin Posted: Jul 2nd 2013

Haha yeah i guess i am mastermind haha and GCSE's r these exams which you do for 2 years in year 10 and 11 ;)

Nelson, thanks for the kind the film love the animal!!!! got 12 hens, 11 chicks and 26 eggs due to hatch soon!!!!! ;)

Nelson8 Posted: Jul 6th 2013

My dad said we're gonna gonna give 2 or 3 to his friend because we don't need all those eggs. my chickens are still 2 months old (a bunch of dumb raccoons got our last ones and one died from sickness.')">
BUT one of my new hens is pratically my best friend!! Her name is Bigfoot (She is the biggest one of the batch), and she jumbs on the bench with me (Yesterday she went up and waited for me) and she even jumps one my lap! Shes a Buff Orpington (They are supposed to be docile), and we have tamed her for about, I don't know, 92% percent of her so-far life! (Hehe, my dad thinks shes gonna lay eggs on my lap).

Nelson8 Posted: Jul 11th 2013

')">')">We're getting a Buff Orpington Rooster next year!')">')">')">

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