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Lukeheald Posted: Jun 23rd 2013

Hello there, 

Not sure if it's OK to post something like this but I'm sure the admins will remove it if it breaks any rules.

 Basically my grandmother has been collection Wallace and Gromit things for the past decade and has quite the collection. Bless her heart she has left the collection to me and wishes me to sell it or give it to my newborn. Is there anyone who would be interested in purchasing such a collection or can anyone point me in the right direction of a place to sell up. There is sooooo much Wallace and Gromit! If anyone would like more information or pictures that's no problem at all.

Thanks for your time,


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 24th 2013

Hi Lukeheald, because we have a lot of younger members using this site we don't allow people to buy and sell merchandise through our forums.  If you want to sell a collection it would probably be better to list it on ebay.  Thanks!

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