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harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 9th 2013

I currently am only busy on a stop-motion film, while a majority of the other talented animators on this forum are probably busy with HUGE projects or college. I've been here for a while and have alot of knowledge about stop-motion and animation in  general. I do not know as much as.. Say, iantimothy, but I am here ready to help you out!   Post a comment with your question and I'll be sure to answer it! 


iantimothy Posted: Jul 10th 2013

I think the thing for us young animators to remember is that while technically animation is just a flow of action, the important thing is really the performance. Smooth animation can be easily learned, but the really hard part is giving life to the characters. So if you don't mind if I kind of start the discussion, I think we should talk about performance, as well as the principles of animation. You can't completely forsake the motion for characters sake, the two have to go hand in hand and the issue is finding the balance.

If people don't know the principles of animation, it could be good to talk about those. (not all of them explicity apply to stop motion)

I love having more discussion on this site about animation, and maybe as the Shaun the Sheep movie, Boxtrolls and any other stop motion that comes along will spur more interest. 

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