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Luke Palmer Posted: Jul 22nd 2013

Aardman staff how do you stop the animation characters going cold and hard.  thanks luke

iantimothy Posted: Jul 23rd 2013

They are using plasticine (modeling clay)so it doesn't harden. After a while it will get dirty and sometimes harder to work with. It will also require a lot sculpting, even while you are animating. There are some differences based on where you live, English clay is chalk based while American clay is oil based. 

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 24th 2013

Under hot lights mine melt!!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 24th 2013

what brand are you using?

Luke Palmer Posted: Jul 27th 2013

I am using newplast.

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 27th 2013

I would think tht once you do have them under a hot light they will be soft and easier to animate. When you are making the models and they go hard and cold, just wave them infront of a heater, oven or radiator for a few mins, or in the summer, in sunlight.


Hope this helps

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jul 28th 2013

to keep my models clean i cover them with cling wrap or contain it in a ziplock container. to keep my models not getting hard, i keep them in a place where t is not to cold nor not too hot.

wallace05man Posted: Aug 29th 2013

i also use newplast, i've never had any problems my models going cold or hard.

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