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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 31st 2013

Hello Wallace & Gromit fans,

We are having a spring clean of the Wallace & Gromit website and re-arranging some of the website content based on what you guys have been using the most.  Responding to this, from September 2nd the forums will be closed to make way for more focussed discussion in the news area of the website.

You will still be able to have your say in the news section of the website and show your creations in our gallery.  For budding animators, there is also the opportunity to take part in lots of animation challenges on Aardman’s Animate It! website, pick up animation tips and chat with other animation fans.  We will also soon be creating a “Your Top Tips” section of the site where we invite you to submit your own tips, hints and tutorials to help out other members! Look out for more information coming soon…

Forum pages will be taken down on September 2nd but you will be able to visit any thread up until this time.  If you have any questions about the change or suggestions for other features you’d like to see on the site please comment below!

Bambooski Posted: Jul 31st 2013

What is going on?? Why are you doing this?? :O

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 1st 2013

YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! This site has been a part of the good percentage of my life, and I would hate to see the only part I LOVE thrown down the toilet to make this website look more like it's for 5 year old kids. 
Please, Please, PLLEEAAAASSSE keep this area! 
Also, If it does go, I'm sure I'll go... 
So in conclusion No, you just can't do this. 

Bambooski Posted: Aug 1st 2013


I started a petition on SHaun the Sheep, we should do one here too.

The profile picture idea is a good idea too.

Bambooski Posted: Aug 1st 2013

If everyone wants it to stay the same then why change it?

Yep, Aardman will definitely be losing a viewer if they change it. 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 1st 2013

I like the idea of the top tips bit but I'm not sure about getting rid of the forum...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

(Copy and pasted from STS)
You wouldn't be getting more out of your accounts any way you look at it. You would be getting less, because without the forums, there isn't any reason to set up an account because you don't need one to watch clips or play games and after they get rid of the forums those will pretty much be the only things to do. So in reality it's pretty much making accounts completely irrelevant. 

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

It's not that I'm mad, It's that I feel betrayed.

emma_b Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

....hmmm ...
it is not like they are closing the website completely though - fellow TMP people will know how totally awful that was (and still is)--- I so wish they had been able to do that (just close forums) with that website :-(

So, try to think positive, we can still draw pictures, make animations, play games and find out about stuff.

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

I agree with emmab, aardman probably have other plans for the future of w& which they haven't releasea yet and this is a step in the new and updated direction! Who knows what's instore for the website in the future!!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

Wow, You guys popped up with bad news two days ago. and now no follow up?

I am very dissapointed. 

1flyingdog Posted: Aug 2nd 2013

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 3rd 2013

Wow, Nothing? 

samuelhayward Posted: Aug 4th 2013

Aardman don't work weekends, I don't think.

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 4th 2013

Oh no this is sad, the forum has so many different memories, it was a good way to discuss fun topics and w&g things with friends! Can't you somehow put them on lock, so we can't post on them, just read them :-( I can't stand to see them go, ive made so many awesome w&g buddies :-( 

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 4th 2013

@samuelhayhoward Yeah, that's right.

gromitrox123 Posted: Aug 5th 2013

Please don't get rid of the forums!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 5th 2013

Hi everyone. It's be fantastic working on the forums over the years and getting to know so many fans from around the world. It's not been a quick decision to make - over the past couple of years we 've seen a big drop in the amount of people posting and using the forums and moving to other areas of the site.

I can understand you are upset and we ceratinly don't want to lose our biggest fans. There will still be chance for comments in the news and creations sections of the site and there will also be lots of animations resources to use on the Animate It website. As I mentioned previously, there will also be the opportunity to submit your own tips and tricks to share with fellow animators which I hope will appeal to some of you.

We had planned to remove forum pages from the site 1 month after the forums closed, but I'll look into whether they can be archived in some other way so that you can still read through them after the forums have closed (and the same for If you have any other questions or suggestions please let me know.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 5th 2013

Nathan M Posted: Aug 5th 2013

Wouldn't removing users ability to create their own threads, make them go off topic on the news threads to talk about what they want? What I suggest is to do what you are doing however have at least one forum in which users can talk freely about what they want and make their own threads. What I think is to keep only the news section, wallace and gromit chat and possibly general chat. Oh and I think making a new movie would attract more people to the site :)

kieran Posted: Aug 5th 2013

I think the website needs a new look and more screensavers and new wallpapers with brand new pictures along with new games based on the first 3 episodes and possiblely place a comments box below every game so people can discuss the game.

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 6th 2013

I appreciate Aardman's plans on changing the site. I will also miss the happy and fun moments I and my pen pal friends (friends that i did not see yet but look to me as if they were really best friends)  have shared and helped togehter.

The animation tips and tricks would be great. I guess Aardman has noticed that all of us are helping each other on a each specific thread about animation, clay modelling, drawings and even fun random stuffs like Doctor who, minecraft, guess whos gonna comment below etc.

I suggest that Aardman will continue with their plans BUT  Aardman must leave the threads archived and make a chatbox for everyone (like in other animation sites), only ONE thread for everyone to share.

Please,  threads and forums here are very important to us. It keeps our friendship, bonding and hospitality always present in everyone. The idea of the changes are good actually a cracking idea but please do not deprive us from communicating with each other freely with what we want. Off course there would be still moderator, right?

So to conclude, Aardman must continue their plans but make a thread for everyone to share. This is our only way wherein we can get to keep the bonds of our friendships. Thanks so much!!!


(I did not make this to disapprove, protest, rebel, harbor anger or anything. This is only a suggestion of mine that I think can be for the good of Aardman and for the good of our members) 

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 6th 2013

what i mean is ONLY ONE thread would be good for us. does anyone agree? if any more suggestions then please share it... thanks!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 6th 2013

Yeah, I suppose.

samuelhayward Posted: Aug 6th 2013

How about a regularly uptated production blog? It doesn't have to be wallace and gromit...

rockstarhippo Posted: Aug 7th 2013

i am not happy that the site is going to chanche..this site is fun enough like this..

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Aug 7th 2013

So mmasonghi studios do you agree?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 7th 2013


emma_b Posted: Aug 9th 2013

The animation resources on the animate it website will be great Katie!

By the way Katie, I don't know if I can say this but....
...does everyone know there is a website that automatically archives all websites , you can go look at  the old forums this way? I often look at the TMP on this site, it is nice to know that a record of it is still there, and will be of the forums here too.

Bambooski Posted: Aug 11th 2013

What site is this??

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 11th 2013

"the Tate Movie Project" which I couldn't even use it because it was only for the UK.

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 12th 2013

I'm looking forward to the animation resources coming!
To be honest, Im not bothered about the W&G forum closing. Seeing as it's pretty much unactive most of the time... We will be getting a W&G news section right, to talk on? That would be fine talking about Wallace and Gromit.
I just don't like the fact Sts forums are closing, seeing as I thought they were pretty active.

lottie78 Posted: Aug 12th 2013

us TMP people wet through worse, we lost the whole website!
cheer up you can all talk to each other on this site and animate it, just not through the forums. 

Fish Posted: Aug 13th 2013

I am really sad to see the forums go. I know they have slowed way down but I wish you'd reconsider removing them. :'(

mitchell1705 Posted: Aug 13th 2013

Keep the site forums

tre01 Posted: Aug 14th 2013

It's a shame really. What I think should happen is just have 1 big forum run by Aardman admins with sections for each subject of the Aardman creations. It's because I often come and go at a whim that I end up not bothering signing up for so many forums nowadays because I lose interest for a bit. I can't even remember when I last used my STS forum account.

It needs to be all brought together. Then it might be a lot more active because the Shaun forum members will get migrated together.

wallace05man Posted: Aug 23rd 2013

I think the only reason for the drop in site population is just because there hasn't been a W&G film for a while. It's the same with any character related website, when a new film comes out, more people come to the site, then it quietens down a bit until the next film.

The forums are now closed. For all the latest Wallace & Gromit activity and discussion visit the news section of the website

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