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awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 8th 2013

I saw this somewhere else in the forums, that didn't work and I thought it would be cool to do it again. So here's how it works
Person 1
Would you rather skydive or swim with sharks
Person 2
Skydiving would be awesome(making this up by the way I hate heights)
Would you rather sing in front of a huge crowd of strangers or a huge crowd of people you know?

And it goes on and on
I'll start
Would you rather being able to only speak in questions or only speak in movie quotes? 

dinogirl Posted: Aug 9th 2013

only in movie quotes

would you rather wear pjs to school or eat your hair? 

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 9th 2013

Pjs to school! that would be sooo comfy, and the hair, gross!

Would you rather be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino? 

dinogirl Posted: Aug 9th 2013

tiny rhino

would you rather hug a spider or a cockroach? 

gromitrox123 Posted: Aug 10th 2013


Would you rather be an elephant or lion 

dinogirl Posted: Aug 10th 2013


would you rather bungee jump or sky dive? 

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 10th 2013

Bungee jump i guess, out of the two

Would you rather only to be able to eat your favourite food for the rest of your life or never eat it again??? 

PeaceandBiscuits Posted: Aug 13th 2013

Eat it for the rest of my life! (if I could do it without getting any serious eating disorder or disease) 
Would you rather live completely alone for the rest of your life, or have everyone on earth following you all the time? 

dinogirl Posted: Aug 13th 2013

ohhh soo hard everyone on earth following me 

would you rather go to space or go to Antartica? 

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 13th 2013

I think space would be pretty awesome

Would you rather only ever be able to whisper or SHOUT!???

gromitrox123 Posted: Aug 18th 2013

um.... I would rather whisper

would you rather wallace or gromit as a friend. 

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 18th 2013

Gromit. Wallace talks to much.... 

Writing or directing?

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 21st 2013

Tough one! I pick directing because then you make sure that everything happens exactly the way you want it to

Would you rather end world hunger or world hatred?
(I know it would be totally awesome to end both but just pick one! )

dinogirl Posted: Aug 21st 2013

world hunger- there are too many kids dying out there

wuld u rather be a dolpin or a whale 

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 22nd 2013


By the way who named them killer whales? It's obvious that they should have been called 'sea pandas"

If you could time travel, would you rather go to the past or the future? ( If you want to Why?) 

dinogirl Posted: Aug 22nd 2013

past- time to go see some dinos!!

would u rather go to the park or the beach? 

awesomeunicorn Posted: Aug 24th 2013


Would you rather always be underdressed or overdressed? (as in when you show up to a party that sort of thing)

thealbinopirate Posted: Sep 1st 2013


Would You rather live in a sewer or at the dump?

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