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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 2nd 2013

Another month over so it's time to announce the winner of our Creation of the Month competition! As always you creative people have come up with some really inspired and unique creations, from pictures to comic-strip excerpts, models to animations. We have really enjoyed looking through them but it doesn't make our job of picking a winner at all easy! After thinking long and hard, we chose Karimbeau's models created for a school project as our winner!

Creations of the month winner

We thought a lot of detail had gone into these colourful models - doesn't Lady Tottington look amazing? We're sure these models went down really well at school!

Our runners-up this month are:

w&g are in town for the brilliant Uncle Preston Wants You! poster - a clever and funny take on the classic 'Uncle Sam' poster from the 1900s. 

claymationak47 for the sweet Christmas-themed animation featuring Gromit getting excited about the array of presents under the tree.

Cheeky chap who submitted a really colourful collection of W&G characters in their 'Wallace and Gromit in Paris' picture.

A special mention also to AliceEE who sent in a very impressive illustration of Hutch from the Curse of the Were-Rabbit film.

The new Creations of the Month competition is now open, so if you didn't quite make it to our shortlist this time be sure to take part in December's competition. The first prize this month is a Plasticine modelling set, Wallace & Gromit calendar and signed certificate from Nick Park. Visit our Creation of the Month page to find out more. 

Don't forget there's still time to enter the Gromit Unleashed competition, too, which runs until February 2014. Find out how to enter and what you can win here.

Good luck!

w&g are in town Posted: Dec 2nd 2013

Thank You Im so excited

karimebeau Posted: Dec 3rd 2013

Hello Katie,
Thank you for choosing my daughter's project for 1st place!!! We are so excited and she screamed when I told her she had won this morning!
This win will continue to inspire her.
Thanks again.
Karime and Ty (our winner!) 

w&g are in town Posted: Dec 3rd 2013

Karime your daughter did excellent.

cheekydad Posted: Dec 3rd 2013

I want to thank you for picking my son's Uncle Preston poster as a runner up.  He was estatic when he saw that he got runner up.  He has been a fan of Wallace and Gromit since he has been old enough to watch tv and he has worn out the dvd of the Wallace and Gromit collection we own.  We are proud of him and very excited.

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Dec 3rd 2013

well done everyone!!!

w&g are in town Posted: Dec 3rd 2013

  Thank you cheekydad aka my real dad thanks for the comment

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 4th 2013

Hi Karime and Ty

Glad to hear you've been celebrating your win! One of our team will be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your prize. Thanks once again for sharing your super creation with us!


gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Dec 6th 2013

Loving the festive website!!

Jose Antonio Posted: Dec 19th 2013


JoeBoy Posted: Jan 3rd 2014

Wallace & Gromit's Night Before Christmas?????'s_Night_Before_Christmas

Is this real???

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