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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 6th 2014

2014 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for Shaun the Sheep. Not only is series 4 rolling out but Shaun is also featured in a new special stamp collection launched by the Royal Mail on 7th January!

Shaun the Sheep stamp 
The Shaun stamp is part of a new collection inspired by classic children's TV shows and features some of the most popular characters to have graced TV screens since the 1950s. Shaun is joined by TV favourites such as Andy Pandy, Paddington Bear and Mr Benn alongside stars from more recent times, such as Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and Peppa Pig.   

The colourful stamps have been specially designed so each character 'breaks out' of the border and are set to become collector's pieces for the millions of stamp enthusiasts across the globe. Her Majesty the Queen personally approves all UK stamp designs before they are printed so Shaun has been given the royal seal of approval!

The stamps are available in a variety of formats, including presentation packs of all 12 designs and framed pictures. You can take a look at the full range and buy stamps and related products on the Royal Mail website here.

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Jan 6th 2014

Wooh go shaun! I saw that in the newspaper a few days ago! i hope shaun comes through my letterbox!

Ashton Macklin Posted: Jan 6th 2014

How smashing, Shaun has a royal seal of approval, and a stamp! Just Smashing!

pinellaspaul Posted: Jun 24th 2014

Have Wallace and Gromit enjoyed a similar reccognition? It is certainly well deserved. 

Also is there a website where one could purchase these stamps for collecting from Royal Mail from outside the country? I live in the states. The kindness of your advice would be greatly appreciated.

- Paul 

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 25th 2014

Hi pinellaspaul, yes you can buy this stamp collection on the Royal Mail website: and the products can be shipped internationally! Hope that helps.

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