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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 29th 2014

Calling all Shaun fans - the new series of Shaun the Sheep is finally coming to TV screens, with the first episode of series 4 airing on the CBBC channel on Monday 3rd February at 3.50pm. It's been almost a year since we saw the Mossy Bottom Farm gang in a new adventure so if you've been missing your Shaun fix, don't miss the new series' premiere next week!

Shaun series 4

Showing every week day at 3.50pm, the new episodes will see Shaun and the gang getting up to all kinds of mischief, involving everything from aliens and genies to high-tech 3D TVs. All your favourite characters are back and the series kicks off with a fun adventure involving an ice-cream van...what could possibly go wrong?!

If you can't contain your excitement until then, head over to the CBBC website where you can watch a sneak peek of the new series:

Bitzer123 Posted: Feb 10th 2014

I don't know what it is, but there's something different about Shaun.

Bitzer123 Posted: Feb 10th 2014

He looks a little...fat!

wallace05man Posted: May 30th 2014

Are series 3 and 4 physically released yet? Becuase I really need to catch up

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2014

Not yet, wallace05man, but we'll let you know as soon as release dates are announced!

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