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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 12th 2014

The latest Aardman creations, Pigby and Friends, are starring in a fantastic new app which explains the benefits of saving money. 'Pigby's Fair' has been developed by Aardman Animations and is a really fun and innovative way to help you get to grips with managing your finances. It's free to download from iTunes and GooglePlay and is the first app of its kind to be created specifically with young savers in mind. 

The game is set in a fairground and players get to run their own stall, making money and choosing either to spend or save it. Though there are opportunities to buy things along the way, the game aims to show players that putting money aside really does make the pennies grow. 

As you play the game you'll be offered bonuses which will help you see your savings increase. You can then think about upgrading your fairground stall or buying a new one. Furthermore, careful savers get to unlock new items and levels in the game. 

Designed to show you that saving doesn't have to be boring, the Pigby app is a really cool way to get to grips with money, showing you that while it's nice to buy new things with your Christmas or birthday money, it's good to put some away for the future, too.

If you'd like to have a play, you can download the game from iTunes here or GooglePlay here. 

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