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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 9th 2014

Following on from the huge success of the Gromit Unleashed trail around Bristol last year we launched a competition to give Wallace & Gromit fans the chance to have a go at customising their own mini Gromit. We were inundated with amazing entries and after a very hard judging process we've finally picked our winner and runners up!

First prize goes to Kirkamon for their creation 'Courage'.

And our two runners up are flifbee for 'Selfie' and boredandbeautiful for 'Beans on Toast'.
Congratulations! Our first prize winner receives a Gromit figurine signed by Nick Park and Gromit Unleashed book, and our two runners up receive a copy of the Gromit Unleased book, signed by Nick. 

It was really hard picking our final winners but we felt that 'Courage' - inspired by the bravery of the children who receive treatment at the Bristol Children's Hospital - really encapsulated the spirit of Gromit Unleashed. We also loved how 'Selfie' was created using photos taken of the 80 Gromits from the trail, making a really unique memento of the event. And 'Beans on Toast' made us smile with its use of the iconic Heinz packaging and accompanying baked beans!

We loved looking through your truly imaginative, creative ideas, many of which had some touching personal stoies attached to them. There were Gromits that had been designed for special celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries, designs based on much-loved pets and customisations that took trademark elements of other popular characters (such as Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear and the Gruffalo) to give Gromit a whole new look. 

The competition drew interest from fans both old and young with even the very teeniest Gromit fans getting involved by sticking on jewels and adding splashes of paint! We hope you enjoyed taking part and creating your very own unique, customised Gromit. 

To take a look at all the entries in our competition, visit our Gromit Unleashed gallery here. 

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Apr 11th 2014

A well deserving winner! Congradulations!!! i agree there have been some very varied designs of Gromit - all wonderful takes on britains favourite canine!!

Jeanjeannie 78 Posted: Apr 12th 2014

Congratulations.  A well deserved winner. It shows the real reason this was done. It wasn't just for fun it had a warm, true needed meaning for such a great cause.  Very well thought out .. well done. 

nam man06 Posted: Jun 2nd 2014

Hello, I've attempted emailing about this but got no reply so I'm saying it on a random thread... I have recently discovered my old W&G account from about six years ago: nam mam06, it's very embarrassing and keeps getting confused with my tumblr account on Google. I would like it removed or at least have the contents of the account removed so it doesn't show up on searches any more, thanks.

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