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katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 2nd 2014

It's the end of another month and we've picked our winners for the Creations of the Month competition! As always, we received some really imaginative submissions, from colourful illustrations to very accomplished models of favourite characters from the world of Wallace & Gromit. A big well done to everyone who took part, including these winning entries...

Our first prize this month goes to Mr Mulch, who created an amazing collection of models, inspired by the film The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. We were impressed with the level of detail and how much work must have gone into creating that amazing rabbit!

And our runners up this month are:

sjv who submitted some lovely Gromits made by their neice and nephew - we thought they looked great looking out from the back window of a car!

Starcreeper who drew a lovely montage of some favourite Aardman creations from the past right up to the present day.    

And finally Michelle Mariano who sent in a colourful scene of Wallace and Gromit having fun collecting Easter eggs.

If you weren't lucky this time, why not take part in May's competition? Send us your pictures, models and animations for a chance to win a copy of W&G: Complete Newspaper Strips Volume 1, Gromit soft toy and signed certificate from Nick Park. We can't wait to see what you come up with this time!     

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: May 2nd 2014

Well done everyone - I knew Mr mulch's creation would win 1st prize, it's so good!!

Michelle Mariano Posted: May 3rd 2014

Yay!!!!!!:) i won i dont care if im not first place ,as long as im one of the runner ups

wandgfanatic Posted: May 6th 2014

Brilliant work everyone!  Well done!  

Michelle Mariano Posted: May 6th 2014

has anyone else who won a prize recieved an e-mail to confirm and ask for an adress yet?

Chan81 Posted: May 7th 2014

Well done to all & yes the models in the winning entry are fantastic. Well done all.
I did think the fabulous 4 hand painted gromit canvases would have won, as saw them on the facebook page & done in one day at their ages by hand as it said on the facebook post, I thought was amazing and as it said on the facebook post of them, a talented pair so I wanted to say a special Well Done to Ella age 10 and Millan age 7 for their truely fantastic gromit canvases 

samie84 Posted: May 7th 2014

Congratulations to all & the models in 'Mr Mulch's' Were-Rabbit enrty were fantastic so congratulations to him. Congratulations to all the runners up too, pleased to see Michelle Mariano's lovely colourful Easter themed picture has got a runner up.
Well done to all but I have to agree with the comment above, I also saw the facebook Gromit Unleashed post of the Gromit Canvases done by the two children, themselves by hand in one day and thought their work was stunning, especially the girls Jackon Pollock style own design Gromit and agreed with the remarks in the post they are a talented pair so I expected them to win something! So I also would like to say a personal Congratulations to them as their canvases are some of the best work I've seen recently.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 8th 2014

Hi Chan81 and samie84,

Thanks for your comments on the artyard winners. I think the canvases you're referring to were submitted into last month's competition, not this particular competition, but we agree that they were very good! We love seeing everyone's different ideas, from all age groups and abilities - we were happy that Ella and Millan submitted a new entry into April's competition and we were able to give them a prize this time around!

sjv Posted: May 9th 2014

Congratulations to Mr Mulch, the models were brilliant & a much deserving winner & well done to all the runners up.
In response to Samie84, Chan81 big thank you for your lovely comments regarding my niece & nephews painted canvases, but a competition is a competition & they were more based on the Gromit unleashed trail than general Wallace & Gromit as this site is for I guess. I will pass on your lovely comments to them - Thanks.
Thanks too Katie from Aardman, I didn't know it was a monthly competition & so as I uploaded them at the very end of March I guess that was bad timing on my behalf & I only uploaded them as I was told of this site & suggested to, by the Gromit unleashed team who I'd originally sent the photos of my niece & nephews work in to, for them to see as my niece especially wants Nick Park to see her work & get a well done from him as such & they then contacted me back to ask to use them on Facebook etc so thanks too Katie.
They will be delighted to get a prize, as I said my niece was mainly hoping for the signed well done certificate by Nick Park so thanks for giving their Gromit models they made a runners up prize. I will tell my niece & nephew Ella & Millan it was for both their Gromit models & their canvases.
I have not as Michelle Marino has mentioned above had an email re the prize etc either or do you just post them to our address? Well done to Michelle Marino as her colouful easter picture was very good & as I said well done all.
Thank you to all who have left such lovely comments on my niece & nephews work on this site & also thank you to all the staff at Aardman. 

birdy0220 Posted: May 23rd 2014

nam man06 Posted: Jun 2nd 2014

Hello, I've attempted emailing about this but got no reply so I'm saying it on a random thread... I have recently discovered my old W&G account from about six years ago: nam mam06, it's very embarrassing and keeps getting confused with my tumblr account on Google. I would like it removed or at least have the contents of the account removed so it doesn't show up on searches any more, thanks.

TheFurBitzerIsBetter Posted: Jun 3rd 2014

How come they didn't annouce the winners yet of May?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 4th 2014

Just to let you know the winners of the May competition will be announced today! Pop back later today to see who has won!

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