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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 11th 2014

We know you lot love Wallace & Gromit but if you're also a Shaun super fan, here's an opportunity you won't want to miss. Aardman has teamed up with the Radio Times to track down the UK's biggest Shaun the Sheep fan. In return for their devotion the competition winner will feature in Shaun's first full-length movie, released in Spring 2015!

The winning fan will be an 'extra' in Shaun the Sheep The Movie, THE big screen event that everyone's been waiting for. Don't worry if you're camera shy - it won't actually be you in the movie, but a model of your likeness, created by Aardman's world-famous model makers, which will then feature in a scene in the film. If that wasn't enough excitement, the winner will also get to keep their model afterwards. We're sure you'll agree this is a pretty special prize!

You can show your super fan status however you like. You might like to send in some photos, make a little video or simply write in with the reasons you think you're Shaun's biggest fan. But you'll have to be quick - the competition closes on 27th August 2014 so don't miss out! The competition is open to all ages but you need to be 16 to submit an entry - if you're younger you can still take part but will need a grown-up to send in your details.

To find out all the details and enter the competition, visit the Radio Times here.

Morsmage Posted: Aug 11th 2014


pazoobs Posted: Aug 12th 2014


Morsmage Posted: Aug 13th 2014

Do I have to leave the USA if I win?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 13th 2014

Just to clarify the competition is only open to Shaun fans in the UK - sorry! 

Morsmage Posted: Aug 18th 2014

Aw man.

jacobd022305 Posted: Aug 19th 2014

Bitzer123 Posted: Aug 19th 2014

Aardman really needs to do something that Americans can be part of!

Morsmage Posted: Aug 23rd 2014

I know, RIGHT!

pazoobs Posted: Aug 24th 2014

All well  But it's okay really 

Bitzer123 Posted: Oct 29th 2014

Yeah, it's not likely I would win even if I did live in the UK. 

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