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Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 4th 2008

Hi this can be the place where everyone gives tipson how to make your stop motion animations better. You can also say what software you use and how good it is. I may not reply to any questions for a while seen as i am producing a wallace and gromit film. I will try and get back as soon as i can.

dachappell Posted: Feb 5th 2008

I use a software called honest tech claymation 4 animating and ulead 9 4 editing.
To get realistic animation on harder expressions or tricky movement. I load a film of me doig what ever it is on ulead and then progress frame by frame stopping @ every frame to go to honest tech and then to try to mimmick my expression on the figur before then exagerating it. I then take the snap and repeat the steps 4 the next frame.
lip sync is also a great bonus only U have 2 mark out what sounds will be heard on each frame and then use that mouth on the frame makrked out.
for flying object or precariously balanced models I blend some fishing wire into the plastercine and attatch it 2 a frame thing that I use to support the wire.
Anyway I have to leave 4 school in 10 minutes so I really need 2 get off this computer.;)

Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 5th 2008

cool i use Monkeyjam for animating and ulead 9 for my editing i some times use ulead 11 but ulead 9 is better. I too do lip-sync it takes a long time to do it but at the end it is worth it. Well i have to go now and amke some more trousers for wallace.

this is the title for my new film.

dachappell Posted: Feb 5th 2008


Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 5th 2008


joey123 Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Where do you buy plasticine from?

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 7th 2008

Thank you everyone!;)

Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 7th 2008

i get it from hoby craft or type in on google and type in artthings it is a great webiste where i also get my clay from

joey123 Posted: Feb 8th 2008


Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 8th 2008

no problam

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Hello, Modelmaker. I will use that info as well. Thank you!;)

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