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jordan Posted: Feb 5th 2008

Im Back! :-)

phew glad thats over!

Computer 10:00 morning on sunday 3rd FEB

LOCKDOWN to little 3yr olds at 11:00 (mums friends son what a nightmare child didnt go to sleep till after 12pm!!!!!! still running about screaming and throwing stuff!

my 2 rooms bolted and locked apart from when i went to bed of course but i couldnt lock it from the inside so i shut the door all the way and put my w&G big guard figure in the way which would make some noise if anyone came into my room (knew it would come in handy again) so if you like, my room was ANTI PESTO protected from 3 yr olds,

upto 1:00 today 5th feb

modelmaking stopped , but still carried on building my new set

i cant cope without a computer even for that amount of time!

time to get a move on with my film!!!!

umm need money for supplies lol!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 6th 2008

Heya! It's great to see you back!:D

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