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Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 5th 2009

I think it's the best system on a family friendly forum with responsibility for younger people.

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 7th 2009

and seb,how come someone who's name excapes me was aloud to steal my avatar,and some called slartibartfast has stolen GLB's. i think there should be some kind of rule against that because it's not fair to steal avatars without permission.
i mean,look at this page

Seb Moderator Posted: Sep 7th 2009

Well that's for Katie really as I am unable to make changes like that but I will mention it to her again.

Fish Posted: Sep 26th 2009

Do we have moderators on the weekends? 60 pages of repeats of the same thread makes this site virtually unusable. :-(

wandgfan21 Posted: Sep 27th 2009

I agree fish. I have sent an e-mail to Aardman stating this kind of spam is unacceptable and we need international based moderators.

singing sheep Posted: Sep 27th 2009

Katie, As much as I love Wallace & Gromit now, I may not be on STS in the future.:-(|)

Ursrut Posted: Sep 27th 2009

I have to agree with fish again on this one. People seem to know that at the weekends they can post Junk on here only having to deal with the concequences come monday. I to have sent an e-mail to the aardman abuse to alert this matter to them.

PJ-London Posted: Oct 7th 2009


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 7th 2009

fish, ursrut - we've put some anti-spamming systems in place to stop this happening again. We're also working on some new measures to stop new users creating accounts for the sole purpose of causing trouble. We'll keep you posted, although this shouldn't have any effect on users who have already registered.

Ursrut Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Great to hear katie.

Fish Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Thanks, Katie!:)

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 7th 2009

Thank you katie!

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 8th 2009

thanks a bunch!

shaun the lamb Posted: Oct 8th 2009


concon Posted: Oct 8th 2009

Tank Choo Katie :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Thank you Katie :)

concon Posted: Oct 10th 2009

thank you mr smarty pants

I said Tank Choo on purpose ! :-|

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 10th 2009

concon, its not nice to call people names, how would you like it if other people did it to you?

concon Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Coudnt care less. :-|

crackingtoast Posted: Oct 10th 2009

now how does that feel,concon?

wandgfan21 Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Dont throw insults back at people CT it will only get you in trouble.

concon Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Whatever CT

And I spelt it that way on purpose.

Seb Moderator Posted: Oct 10th 2009

Guys - you're all being pretty childish in a thread for serious feedback. Can we move on now please.

JameyG Posted: Nov 3rd 2009

Regarding the new site design, to avoid requiring members to perform a 'hard refresh' on their Web browsers, may I suggest that RichD or whoever is responsible for the markup simple change the CSS links to include a redundant integer? For example:

/css/default.css?2 instead of /css/default.css

This would mean all browsers would fetch new copies of each of the CSS files. You could extend this into the images referenced in those files or simply rename the directory containing the design element images to force fresh copies.

papa joe Posted: Nov 4th 2009

Happy birthday, W&G !!
keep on walking my friends!!


Kawka Posted: Nov 5th 2009

Hello , Where and how can I download 20th anniversary Nick's interview ? Thanks . Piotr

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 5th 2009

Kawka - you can watch it on our splash page -

...or on YouTube -

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 14th 2009

There is a fault on the creation page,
When you click on a creation the bind of the 'folder' of the new site design is in the middle of the page and there are two post reply buttons!

WallaceGromitFan7 Posted: Nov 14th 2009

Aardman Staff: I was first introduced to your work in the 1990s with "The Wrong Trousers" as it received awards. I am 69 and your efforts bring much humor and sense of well-being into my life. I look forward to each new picture with great anticipation. My best to you all, from Amarillo, Texas

BecksterFluffles Posted: Nov 15th 2009

Is there gonna be a new Wallace & Gromit this Xmas ? Im desperate to are my children!!

BecksterFluffles Posted: Nov 15th 2009

Aardman staff- do you ever run competitions for ideas for new Wallace & Gromit films? Ive got a cracking idea for one... It would be amazing if you ran such a competition..

Cameronl Posted: Nov 15th 2009

Your doing a great job;)

nam man06 Posted: Nov 19th 2009

it would be cool if wallace & gromit had an acount! |-)

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 19th 2009

it's better. you don't need to see the mess spammed leave if you don't want to.

Fish Posted: Nov 19th 2009

I have to log in every time I start up my computer now. Before the site changed I stayed logged in as long as I didn't log into the site on another computer. Is this something connected to the new site design...or just a coincidence?

jills Posted: Nov 20th 2009

I love the look of the new site, it's beautiful. Nice work!

Fish Posted: Nov 20th 2009

Jills - long time no read you! :O How are you?

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 20th 2009

same thing happened to me Fish!!
But recently it has just been keeping my details !!

Ursrut Posted: Nov 20th 2009

Fish. Check the cookies on you web browser. That is what keeps you logged in to places on the internet ;)

Fish Posted: Nov 20th 2009

OK - thanks for the tip, Ursrut!:)

Vidpal Posted: Jan 22nd 2010

AArdman, sorry i had to upload my drawing 3 times because i messed up on a gap in Fluffle's ear here's the one i want put up

crunchy Posted: Jan 25th 2010

wonder if this is just my problem only, but I've found broken links for the wallpapers in the download section
hope this can be fixed soon!

Clay Play Posted: Feb 10th 2010

oh it probably just a glithc

kldceltic Posted: Feb 10th 2010

proberley just a glitch:-(:O

dog51 Posted: Feb 28th 2010


Jamie Gomersall Posted: Feb 28th 2010

hi dog51! How are you?

MarkusL Posted: Mar 12th 2010

I notice, that some improvements and fix could make , when tried to upload creation and i wasn't validate email.

1. I got just yellow "error"-text when try to send youtube-address.
Because wasn't validate email? There could be text link to how validate.

2. I tried to write feedback here, but (suprise) need to validate email :D
But didnt find how to do it. Could make same kind of fix?

3. Try to change email, if i get validate message to new email. But, this time :D , i got this error page :
"Fatal error: Call to undefined method Hotwire_User_Profile::updateEmailAddress() in /usr/www/users/aardman2/wallaceandgromit/live/hotwire/app/User/Change_Email.php on line 55 "

Finally i discover using google site search, how to validate email, and got link. And finally could upload my creation, whohoo! :D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 26th 2010

Ooh that's a really nasty bug, MarkusL! Thanks for letting us know, we'll get on the case...

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 26th 2010

my friend tried to join but it always said she needed to validate her email, she tried to make 3 accounts

Gromit02 Posted: Aug 11th 2010

Yes it wroks Thankyou

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