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craigl1989 Posted: Oct 16th 2010

it wont let me post any thing in the forums :-(

kldceltic Posted: Oct 16th 2010

you're new aardman has to aprove it first;)

NeilK Posted: Oct 28th 2010

I can't seem to upload a creation, when I enter all the information, and proceed, all I get is a blank page.

Also, when i tried to create a topic about it, asking for help, it didn't appear on the General Chat area. Is something wrong?

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 29th 2010

Hello NeilK- I've emailed you about the Creations upload. It may be that the file was too big or was not a JPEG :)

NeilK Posted: Oct 29th 2010

Yep, it was the image size, hehe :D Thank you for your help Ellie. :)

sun7140 Posted: Nov 13th 2010

Dearest Nick Park
Glad to write to you!This is my first mail for you,But I have undertood you so long time.
My name is SUN ShiPing, just a small town boy in eastern China of already 16 years poor English makes me a little hard to express my heat.I like the sports about every football events and movie is also my favorites.
You are a great director. I like the Wallace & Gromit so much!You got the Oscar best animated short.
I love all of the movies. Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out ,lace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers ,A Close Shave,The Best of Aardman Animation ,Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions , Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit .and A Matter of Loaf and Death .I won't forget those funny movements and interesting expressions

Could I have your autograph photo.Thanks you a lot!
Welcome to China.I love you forever!!!

Best regards

yours SUN

kldceltic Posted: Nov 13th 2010

you're not aloud your age,address,name on here:-(

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 13th 2010

On the side bar have they removed the community link on the side. Other than going through the forum? And sometimes the Oldest and Previous pages go into the negatives, but I press refresh and it fixes.........


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 15th 2010

Gromit lad - the community page has been taken off the navigation, but is the first page you see when you log in. Strange about the -ve forum posts, do you know what pages that happens on?

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 16th 2010

Katie- It can happen to every page!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 16th 2010

hmm that's odd! What browser are you using?

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 16th 2010

I use the latest internet explorer, but it hasnt happened in a while. I think it only happenes every once in a while, some sort of glitch.

Ursrut Posted: Nov 17th 2010

yeah i get the same thing Katie- It's slightly strange and i use Chrome.
I also still have the problem where a discussion has moved onto a new page and when i click for the thread to load up it is still on the previous page.

ajmole Posted: Nov 17th 2010

I also get it, got it twice this week! I use Firefox.

rowbottom Posted: Nov 17th 2010

Wallace, Gromit & the Lad, don't seem to have have done their research properly re. the inventor of the teasmade who is acknowledged to be a certain Samuel Rowbottom?

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 17th 2010

Yeah, I use internet Explorer too.It usually happens when you put it in compatibility mode or refresh the page or go back after logging in. I tried commenting in a negative forum and it doesn't post. But, thanks for the community guide!


Gromit lad Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Another question, sorry lol, but when you mark a thread as a favorite with a "Heart" were do you find it? I looked in my profile but it shows the last 100 threads I was in......


ajmole Posted: Nov 20th 2010

It doesn't do anything or go onto a list.

MarkusL Posted: Nov 28th 2010


There could be "next" and "previous" linkbuttons, when looking creations closer. So there should´t go back to creations page and click next image, and then go back etc.

And updated winner list would be nice :)

Best regards

Gromit lad Posted: Nov 29th 2010

Just throwing something out there but will the site ever have a text feature? As if somethings on your mind for the site and you can just text facebook and twitter, to this site...


claymotion247 Posted: Dec 1st 2010

what about a friends list ?

ajmole Posted: Dec 17th 2010

I have just found a message from a member being moderated, it didn't have an option to see the message! Was this done on purpose?

taylor williams Posted: Jan 16th 2011

can i put more than one creation on ''your creations''???

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 17th 2011


Hazzahoo Posted: Jan 20th 2011

ardman staff i need your help my skin coloured newplast has started to got really dirty because of dust.

HELP !!!

Love w&g

ColinSooty Posted: Jan 20th 2011

The latest newsletter had a link to view the world of invention competition winners. The link takes you to a BBC site: BBC videos can only be played in the UK :-(

Post them on youtube!


flicster Posted: Feb 5th 2011

While visiting my daughter's kindergarten classroom today, I noticed the following assignment of hers up on the wall along with those of her other classmates. While most of the kids answered the question "If I went into outerspace, I would see ..." with things like the moon or planets, my daughter, no doubt thanks to Wallace and Gromit, had a different response.

Vidpal Posted: Feb 10th 2011

a link so you can erase unwanted art you submitted to the contest etc.

(i'd get rid of that complete fruitcake drawing)

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 21st 2011

This problem has been going on for a while now, since the new design like a year ago, but whenever the messages go on to a new page, it automatically takes me to the one before it, Is anyone else experiencing this? :S

Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 21st 2011

Yeah, I am too

ajmole Posted: Feb 21st 2011

Me too. I hate that a lot. I wish it would just go straight to the first post you haven't read yet.

Terry T Posted: Feb 25th 2011

I can't upload a video creation from youtube:

The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfil the request.

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 5th 2011

It happened again. I have windows 8, the Accept and Decline button arent below the friend request... Thanks.
Plus, are there still the monthly newletters? Havent seen any in a long time...


ziggy95 Posted: Mar 13th 2011

Just testing to see if my post shows up as I did 2 posts yesterday that haven't

womble1 Posted: Mar 13th 2011

i can't download a video on to the creation page and it says that the website is under maintenance or website error
i have tried all day
is it the same for every one

cityslickerfarmhand Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

Ohhhh--- there IS some "new" W&G -- was wondering about when the next would be after Matter of Loaf and Death and found that, at least in U.K., there's World of Invention, but it's PAL only. Will this be made avail. for "other side of the pond"? (i.e., U.S.A. market)?

Wanted to observe, too, about Sun ShiPing's post "above" with really outstanding English! I'm repeatedly impressed by those of other nations who have such amazing utility of English (particularly amusing when U.S. former president had such trouble with even simple English; not so bad with current Pres.). And when I'm able to listen to BBC, interviews with residents around the world with stunning English, particularly recently with the (sadly) interviews in Japan and their national catastrophe, and in Libya with both Gadhafi supporters and opponents who have amazing English skills. I wonder how many Yanks have command of more than one language? VERY impressive!

LOVE W&G (& Shaun) -- BUILDING THE COLLECTION and hoping to find World of Invention for the Yank market! Plus amazed at "reasonable cost" of Matter of Loaf and Death. Had expected higher for what's likely not THAT large a DVD run (compared to "blockbuster" films). Maybe marketing of ancillary products helps keep DVD cost low(er) ?

CityslickerFarmhand (Hmmm -- no Pidsley icon/head--the farmer's cat)

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 5th 2011

It would be nice if there was a thread search box, so you could find them really old ones which you know had information on them which you could use.

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Apr 5th 2011

@fish everytime i go on my laptop i have to do that too rubbish:-(

EmmanuelTufino Posted: Apr 16th 2011

Hello, Only question, why I cannot add videos to "Your Creations" Gallery?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 18th 2011

Hi Emmanuel, you can add videos to our creations gallery via YouTube. Once the video has been uploaded to YouTube, just copy + paste the URL into our upload form. Let me know if you have any questions!

Gromit lad Posted: Apr 18th 2011

Tried to upload image on creations, but this appears-___________________________________________________________ Warning: PDOStatement::execute(): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1318 Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE hotwire.gallery_add; expected 16, got 10 in /usr/home/aardman2/hotwire/v1.8/libs/Gallery/Gallery.php on line 928 Fatal error: Call to undefined method Hotwire_Gallery::getErrorMessage() in /usr/www/users/aardman2/wallaceandgromit/live/hotwire/app/Creations/Upload_Image.php on line 63 _____________________________________________________________

imothep85 Posted: Apr 19th 2011

Its a bug on the forum art and craft i cant write anything, that says i have write the same topic before...and its allways the same message error... i cant see my topic i wrote yesterday...its the first one and...nothing

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Apr 19th 2011

omg like:O

waitWHAT Posted: Apr 20th 2011

Howdy. I've twice tried to post a message in the forums, but neither has shown up. I tried to repost one with the same title, and I got a message requesting that I not spam, so obviously the first one went through, it's just not visible for some reason. It's been over a week. Any idea what's up? Here's hoping this makes it through…

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Apr 20th 2011

your new aardman has to aprove it before it goes on the discussion board:)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 21st 2011

Gromit_lad and Emmanual - the upload function is fixed now, thanks for letting us know.

waitWHAT - becuase you are a new user, your first few messages will need to be appoved before they appear on the discussion board. Once you've been on the site for a while, you'll be able to post freely without this check.

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 24th 2011

could you please go onto the "THE SERIES 6 DOCTOR WHO THREAD" on the Wallace and gromit chat section. I have been alienated and bullied and I thought this was a safe website.

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Apr 24th 2011

don.t listen to her katie:O

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 24th 2011

I am a he. You bullied me :'(

Sheepish22 Posted: May 26th 2011

I love the website and I think it is great but some people are using my picture comments section in "your creations" as a chatroom and talking to each other.
Is there anything you or I could do?
I also think that the Shaun the Sheep website is great too!

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