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cavor Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

My last message is in answer to Modelmaker93 at the end of page 1.

This is also a slight problem with the forum that I feel a thread should always open with the last listing first, can get confusing.

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 23rd 2007

Make a virtual tour and try to put some Trouble At Mill vids on.:)

MaKa Posted: Dec 24th 2007

Cool website. Would love to see (or rather hear) some of the best quotes from W,G and friends as mp3s to use on my mobile as ringtones.

Merry xmas,


Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Are you new, MaKa? If so, welcome!

graham100 Posted: Dec 26th 2007


We got the fleeced game for xmas. There were no instructions in it how to play the game. Can you send me them or is there a pdf available of the instructions.

PS The site is very well presented

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 26th 2007

Yeah, it's a great website!;)

bunnybread Posted: Dec 29th 2007

I have searched and searched for a stuffed rabbit from Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I want one of the little guys, but I have not seen where anyone is even making them. I sure wish you would make some little stuffed bunnies. They were so cute!!! :)

jordan Posted: Dec 30th 2007

whats this got to do with site feedback?? ^^^^

jean-luc Posted: Dec 30th 2007

Hi everybody:

I would like to make a sugestion. Perhaps it's a good idea to make a different screen saver for computers extracted from "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". My idea is to make a screen saver with the rabbits in the machine, where they are "flying" and saying "goodbye". There are a very cute characters and I think it would be a very pupular screen saver. I don't know if it is very difficult to make this screen saver, but I think it would be a very enjoyable one.
Thank you very much for this web site, it's cool.
Greetings from Spain

Mark the shark Posted: Dec 30th 2007

Yeah, what has THAT got to do with feedback. Yeah a screensaver would be great and WOW, from Spain. Glad to meet you!:D

animationking Posted: Jan 2nd 2008

Thanks Aardman For This Website Very Pleased To Be Here Everyone Is Kind And I Love Wallace And Gromit

wandgfan21 Posted: Jan 3rd 2008

its a good site but it could have a few upgrades like sts still a good site though.


Harry Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Katie - RichD I Have A Problem!

I Keep On Trying To Change My Picture But It Allways Comes Up With This Blank White Page Not Letting Me Do It, Its A Error! Do You Have A Clue What I Am Talking About, I Might Make Another Account And See If Pictures Work On There, Maybe They Will? So I Will Have A Go And Come Back Here And Tell You What Happened, Its Really Fustrating Me At The Moment But I Havent Tried It Since Before Mark The Shark Got His, Maybe It Will Work For Me Now! Well I Hope It Does!

From The One And Only


cinders1 Posted: Jan 13th 2008

please could we have a link, so we can veiw one anothers uploads in one hit, im finding it hard work finding the work i want to veiw from one artist, i see a model that i think is fab, i want to see more of his/her work and it takes me all night looking through all the creations, and then i find more fab work in the threads thats not been uploaded in the comp by them, please, please make it easier to veiw,

maybe every artist that wishes could have a portfolio file of their own, that can be veiwed by everyone, just want to keep my eye on the future up and coming talent;)

Harry Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Katie - RichD I Got It!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Yes, Harry that happened to me too!;)

conty Posted: Jan 13th 2008

you asked to tell you if the swearing thing happened again when it wont let you post a message, well its just happened again and i was saying to ('scr ape') and had to change it to 'scratch' to post it, ive put a gap in the word as it wont let me post again

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 13th 2008

That's weird!

Fish Posted: Jan 13th 2008

Bunnybread, I found the little rabbits on eBay - and also on the Aardman website. If you pull their cotton tails they shake like they did when they saw Hutch for the first time! I haven't seen the bunnies on Aardman for a long time, but I bet you could still find them on eBay.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 14th 2008

That's cool.

cavor Posted: Jan 14th 2008

Found this YouTube video on how to build a Bunny

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 14th 2008

I've got that on the DVD of Curse of the Were-rabbit!;)

conty Posted: Jan 16th 2008

hi katie, its contys mum, ive just tried to change contys avatar for him, as i think its causing confusion, other members think that conty is terminator, and i dont like the things that he is saying, so i am trying to put an end to it, please can you put contys own picture of his growbag (septembers winner) as his avatar, i have been trying to do it, but its not working, thankyou melanie contys mum

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 16th 2008

Hi melanie, it looks like conty's avatar has been updated succesfully with Mr Growbag - sometimes before you can see the change properly you need to refresh your browser (press ctrl+F5 or apple+F5) after uploading a new avatar because your computer has stored the old version in its memory.

conty Posted: Jan 16th 2008

katie, thankyou, but its not worked, hes still got growbag, and not his own creation of growbag (septembers winner pic) please can you do it for us, thankyou melanie

jordan Posted: Jan 16th 2008

when typing in the message box with long messages the text overwrites if you go back and correct a spelling mistake.

this is annoying when it deletes the rest of your paragraph! just wondering if anything can be done cheers.

conty Posted: Jan 16th 2008

thanyou katie:)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 16th 2008

hmm i think that might be a IE6 problem Jordan - I'll check when I'm at home, we all have the newer version in the office. I know you can't install IE7, but have you tried Firefox instead? It's pretty good :)

jordan Posted: Jan 16th 2008

this comps a pain lol , i havent tried it yet

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 16th 2008

Hmmm. Mine is still the same but when I quit and re-go onto the web, it has changed?:O

Fish Posted: Jan 16th 2008

That's weird!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 17th 2008

Yes, it is.

ste Posted: Jan 18th 2008

just do as shaun the sheep website did

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

What was that?:D

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

NO! No one will tell you!

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

cavor thanks for sharing i love your animations

Dani_Nev_Bo Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

how do u delete ur creation from the board??? Plz help!!!!!

Also, it wont let me change my e-mail address, y????

coopertoons Posted: Feb 2nd 2008

you should make it so that you can veiw peoples creation by profile

conty Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

thats what i would like too!!!! ive asked before coopertoons and katie said that it would be something that they might add, lets keep our fingers crossed, i think it would be great;)

cavor Posted: Feb 3rd 2008

It would be good because you could see how people are progressing

gromitlove Posted: Feb 25th 2008

I see someone else, on Aug. 15, 2007, also complained about inappropriate advertising-- we've had repeated naked women washing cars for and who knows what happens when the children click on THAT.

The ad is "referred by Google".
Can you do anything?

gromitlove Posted: Feb 25th 2008

The children love the site, and so do I, may I add.

purple and brown Posted: Feb 25th 2008

yea your right there

James Posted: Feb 25th 2008

mabye u could add a wallace and gromit card maker

people can make :
mothers day cards
birthday cards
christmas cards
farthers day cards

and the buy them :)
i sue would buy 1 :)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 25th 2008

hi gromitlove - thanks for letting us know. We dealt with the last batch of inappropriate ads but it looks like one has crept through. We will get the offending website banned from serving ads to our site.

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Feb 25th 2008

it would be good if you could download a Aardman version of a animater software so that we could do professional videos and animations!

Fish Posted: Feb 25th 2008

Yeah...COOL idea!!!:D

gerggnod Posted: Feb 25th 2008

can we do that katie??

jordan Posted: Feb 25th 2008

People to help at weekends or all the time ;)

gromitlove Posted: Feb 29th 2008

There's a Creations upload full of "inappropriate language" submitted by Trev555. I have no issue with his/her editing abilities, but that stuff can't be here if this is to be a child-friendly site.

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