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Mark the shark Posted: Mar 6th 2008


MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 20th 2008

Mark the shark Posted: Mar 20th 2008

Hi Marlow Nathan! Still here?

Вы трясете!:D

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 20th 2008


MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Mar 20th 2008

bonjour :)

cj08 Posted: Mar 22nd 2008


Harry Posted: Mar 27th 2008

Katie & RichD, maybe we could only allow every user to make only 1 thread a day, maybe that would make it less messier and back to how it was? hope you like the idea, Harry

666joshy666 Posted: Mar 27th 2008

I've got another idea! You know Katie's always giving us brilliant pictures! Well, maybe the Aardman staff should make a gallery page with big, downloadable pictures of all the characters!

P.S This would also stop me making all those useless threads!:D

arthur Posted: Mar 29th 2008

i like harrys idea but never really make any threads unless
i need to

cool chris Posted: Mar 30th 2008

how abut a thing that stops people swering

Janique1 Posted: Mar 30th 2008

how about a thread that stops people arquing!!!

OwenAnimate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

Just like to ask- after the fire that burnt in bristol studios- how long did it take to remake all the sets needed?

Janique1 Posted: Mar 31st 2008

i dont know, sorry, my name is janique1 nice 2 meet u!!!

Janique1 Posted: Mar 31st 2008

hi, owenAnimate... r u still online at the mo???

jordan Posted: Mar 31st 2008

all sets from COTWR were saved as they are on travelling exibition , hut 17 is in london at the war museum & the diamond set from TWT is in bradford along with some props with morph & wallace & gromit in the Motorbike, nick park will have some at his house no doubt. and some were on display in japan....

OwenAnimate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

How about some more clips on the watch online? I'd like to see some more CLOSE SHAVE and definately GRAND DAY OUT if it was ok:D

OwenAnimate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

(oh and thanks)
Nice to meet you too!
Wonder if any of the old sets will be used again?

OwenAnimate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

If anyone wants to visit my youtube account, here is the link:

arnymate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

maybe there should be a flash gallery or a webcam from inside a certain part of the studio so we can see inside Aardman, that would be cool.

Kind Regards


OwenAnimate Posted: Mar 31st 2008

would there be considered to release a W & G soundtrack CD? (There's one for the film, but how about one from the eps?) If not, maybe downloads from the downloads page

cool chris Posted: Apr 4th 2008

how abuot a program that stops people tipig swere words

cool chris Posted: Apr 4th 2008

come on guys

cool chris Posted: Apr 6th 2008

a thred serch:D

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

Well, we already have one for swear words.

arnymate Posted: Apr 7th 2008

A maximum thread user limit, about 2 at most a day and the limmit for a week could be 4 or 5 just so the forums dont clog up with chat threads about nothing in particular (i understand i started the chat thread, but its just so that people stop chatting in important threads)

Kind Regards


MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 7th 2008

that needs to be done on the Shaun the sheep website urgently aswel

cool chris Posted: Apr 9th 2008

an online fliced bord game to play with &frinds

cool chris Posted: Apr 9th 2008

give thred this a star

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Apr 9th 2008


Janique1 Posted: Apr 9th 2008

yer 2

wandgfan21 Posted: Apr 9th 2008

i agree with the restricted amount of threads idea especialy on shaun the sheep.on the shaun the sheep website there is a restriction on how many buddy requests you can send in a day.

Janique1 Posted: Apr 9th 2008

cool, i like shaun the sheep but i never like the website, its a nightie!

jordan Posted: May 11th 2008

instead of new reply how about having the last reply date and the username like other forums.

like this

666joshy666 Posted: May 14th 2008

Nice idea! I think this thread should be given a star!:D

louie h Posted: Jun 25th 2008

how do i subscribe to the newsletter is through email? do i have to pay? plz reply

jordan Posted: Jun 25th 2008

you already subscribed to the newsletter , when you joined up, newsletters are sent out once a month, if your not recieving them make sure that your email settings arnt blocking the newsletter as spam.

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 27th 2008

or that you are not using a real e-mail address which i know some people who used to go on here with out a real e-mail address.

Joel the pole Posted: Jun 29th 2008

could we have a competition for the wallace and gromit fan with the best collection

wandgfan21 Posted: Jun 30th 2008

no thats not realy very fair because the richest fan with the most collectables would win.a good idea though.

Joe l Posted: Jul 2nd 2008

i think that is a really good idea. let's do it

H man Posted: Jul 10th 2008

I just looged on for the 1st time and was greeted by this message. I don't think this is appropriate for a website like this. Can you please sort this out?

On Wednesday at 9:29am Snicker wrote:
Everyone had better * off before I grab them by the throat! Nice talking bye.

squigly Posted: Jul 10th 2008

first i've heard of that. maybe you have a virus on your computer?

or maybe it was one of minime's friends who have since been banned!:O

Fish Posted: Jul 10th 2008

Are you referring to a message left by another member when they signed on?

Ursrut Posted: Jul 10th 2008

Yeah he was.
i saw that as well h man i didn't particularly like it either. :-(

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 10th 2008

Yes, its a shame when people are idiots. The comment has been removed and snicker has been banned.

jordan Posted: Jul 10th 2008

when we getting another video update ?

Joel the pole Posted: Jul 11th 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Jul 11th 2008

Great, Katie. I love it when you speak like that! Some idiotic buffoons can't keep their mouths shut.

Peachycoco Posted: Jul 31st 2008

Hope I'm in the right forum...

I'll be in Ireland in October, and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy the "Fleeced" board game. Would Dunne's carry it, or would I be able to find it at a specialised toy store? Any advice is greatly appreciated...thanks!

JeremySolliePictures Posted: Aug 24th 2008

Are you guys ever planning a sequel for 'The Curse of The Were-Rabbit'? I was so excited for the first, I couldn't sleep for a week and had a calender counting down the days.

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