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wandgfan21 Posted: Jan 17th 2009

nice idea not sure it would happen though but if it did you would need allot of points....... but maybe things like avatars would be a cheaper reward.

Purple&Brown Posted: Jan 18th 2009

i dont know when sorry:-(

thetopbun Posted: Jan 21st 2009

I noticed something wrong!

thetopbun Posted: Jan 21st 2009

What it didn't upload! It was an avi. too! Ohh well. You can see the text goes back and then re-writes the correct words into it...

Rebel Posted: Jan 21st 2009

New silleys

cool chris Posted: Jan 22nd 2009

:piella: :flufles:

wallacewilliam Posted: Jan 29th 2009

How can I change my screen name? Now that I know what it is I'd like to change it.

Were-Rabbit Posted: Jan 29th 2009

I wud like there 2 be a new game where is in the plane shooting or 1 where u get 2 create ur own CGI and adventure.

thetopbun Posted: Jan 29th 2009

Just a quick question! :D What files can you upload on here? e.g. Jpg, Mpg, Mpeg, doc, mov, avi and so on... So I know if I can upload it...

Windows Vista Posted: Feb 3rd 2009

thetopbun,you can upload Gif,Jpg,Bmp I think.

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2009

ttb i need help cud u tell me wot 2 do on GIFworks

thetopbun Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Really GLB? I will help! Here is the link...

Now upload it! It needs to be 400 kb or under... Now you can resize it add text and it will have a svae button... Click that... If it is a gif then if it moves on here just put in the resize box on both width and height 50!:D

Hope I helped


Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2009

thanks.. my net woz lagging so it wudnt wotk but it is now :D

thetopbun Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Ohh good :D Upload it soon :D

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 8th 2009

i will i just have about a months worth of course work 2 do first :D

thetopbun Posted: Feb 8th 2009

Haha! I can't wait to see it :D

Muddley Gromit Posted: Feb 16th 2009

I have been meaning to do this for soooooooo long!!!

If Wallace and Gromit are to grace our screens in future Christmas releases, would they consider doing a Christmas story???

My suggestion for a good title would be "MUCH ADO ABOUT STUFFING!"

Go for it Aardman! Keep our heroes up and running!

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 1st 2009

HTST (hide The Subbuteo Threads)

Coco-Pops Posted: Mar 3rd 2009


cool red Posted: Mar 3rd 2009


baby timmy lover Posted: Mar 6th 2009

kameatrix Posted: Mar 7th 2009

By the way Katie, the home videos bit on 'characters' still leads to

USWallacefan Posted: Mar 15th 2009

How do you get this DVD in the United States?

James Noble Posted: Mar 24th 2009

Web page just coming up with text no pics or icons is there a problem with it ? The old games have dissapeared and after down loading the Adventures demo that also wont work.. I Help !

serandin Posted: Mar 24th 2009

Being that W&G are globally adored, you might want to fix your trailers so they play globally. They currently don't work for Canada and I assume therefore that they probably don't work in a lot of other places as well.


jills Posted: Mar 25th 2009

Yes, I wonder why a lot of BBC content is set to be viewed only in the UK I don't suppose Aardman can do much about that...

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 25th 2009

Its because why pay the lisence fees for BBC television and as BBC iplayer website is available to the WHOLE world they make them UK only so its fair

We paid for it, we get it.

Drew R Posted: Mar 26th 2009

I've been trying to change my email address on my profile but it keeps saying it could not display the webpage.:-(

jills Posted: Mar 26th 2009

True, Glb, but I would have thought they'd offer a paid subscription for certain content. The Beeb does allow a number of downloads and podcasts free for the whole world- it's the seeming randomness of what is or isn't available that I find irksome.

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 28th 2009

yeh i no waht you meen

Kennedy330 Posted: Apr 4th 2009

Does anyone know when the new DVD will be available in the US??? I can't wait for it!!!

DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 4th 2009

Um, I am not sure sorry.
Maybe you could try asking one of the aardman staff?

thetopbun Posted: Apr 5th 2009

You can get it already...

cheekydevil Posted: Apr 10th 2009


DancingShauny99 Posted: Apr 10th 2009


cheekydevil Posted: Apr 11th 2009

cheesefanatic Posted: Apr 11th 2009

do you know when friend page will be finished Katie?

cheesefanatic Posted: Apr 11th 2009

green69688 Posted: Apr 13th 2009

watch this video .hope you like it!|-):-|:-|:-|:-|:-|:-|:-|:-|:-|

green69688 Posted: Apr 13th 2009

i think that we should have a new game.i think it is going to be a sweet game so children can learn how to make sweets like the baking game.:D

stephen record Posted: Apr 14th 2009

I like this site because it is funny and interesting.
My favourite characters are:
, , , ,

chloecool123 Posted: Apr 16th 2009

we could have interviews with andand all the other characters:-(|)

Triple H Posted: Apr 17th 2009

no thanks

666joshy666 Posted: Apr 21st 2009


SockEyeSalmon Posted: Apr 21st 2009


Jackson B Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

Does anyone knoe a good free Wallace and Gromit font. Coz my teacher's goin to kill me unless I get this project in :'(

wallace295 Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

no jack but i need to ask you somthing:
Have you been making multiple accounts because death67 and other people have ecxactly the same avatar

Lozi101 Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

wallace295 thats for new people b4 they upload an avatar

chees3gromit Posted: Apr 22nd 2009

ya, its the default.



green shell Posted: Apr 24th 2009

سلام عليكم
it mean's hi in arabic

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