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monikers Posted: Feb 8th 2008

Does anyone know in which W & G film Wallace refers to Gromit as "old chuck"? Thanks

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

I'll have a look for you!;)

gromitlove Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Isn't it "Wrong Trousers" after they get rid of that dreadful penguin? Wendoline also calls Wallace "Chock" or so after she declines his invitation to have some cheese.

Wallace, saviour of Wensleydale creamery!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 9th 2008

Oh yeah!;)

luke Posted: Feb 10th 2008

In 'The Wrong Trousers' Wallace says "Happy Birthday Chuck". I can't remember him ever saying OLD chuck

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 10th 2008

Oh yeah. No old chuck there, old chuck!;)

Josephine Posted: Feb 12th 2008

It should be - OLD CHUM!

As in...

Cooome tooo the ca-ba-ray, old CHUM!
Cooome toooo thee caaaaaaaaaaaaa-baaaaaaaaaaaaa-rayyyyyyy!!

Also, as in...

Pedigree CHUM(the old name for a brand of dog chow)

I thank you!

Sock Eye Salmon

PS: I know it's CABARET - but, for effect, I spelled it the way it is pronounced by Liza Minnelli! Tee Hee! :D

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Chum rocks! Go chum, not chuck!;)

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