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jordan Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Shooting Footage Frames = Seconds,

Ive never got the hang on Frames = Seconds

so im wondering if anyone can help i used to just shoot the footage then see how long it lasted for,

i know 24 frames is 1 second, but working out higher+ or lower -seconds just gets me confused , my maths it terrible, not too bad on some things, but larger things & more complicated working outs i find difficult.
please help

rastophulus Posted: Feb 12th 2008

frames=seconds*24, so 1 second=1*24 or 24 frames

seconds=frames/24, so 1 frame=1/24 or 0.042 seconds

For example;
A 10 second film would have 10*24 or 240 frames

Another example;
36 frames would take 36/24 or 1.5 seconds

Hope this helps!

jordan Posted: Feb 12th 2008


what about minutes and frames?

rastophulus Posted: Feb 12th 2008

well, 1 minute=60 seconds so you can times minutes by 60 to get seconds and then use the formulas above.

frames=minutes*60*24 or 1 minute=1440 frames

minutes=frames/60*24 so 1 frame=1/1440 or 0.0007 minutes

You can work out from this that a 30 minute film like 'a grand day out' has got 30*60*24 or 43200 frames!!!

jordan Posted: Feb 12th 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Feb 12th 2008

Wow, lots of info Rastophulus!;)

J-Snake Posted: Feb 13th 2008

hey jordan this si an really easy to tell how many frames to take. i did not make this up it was made up by the guy who did nightmare before christmas. hope it makes sencethis is a trick where you can find out exactly how many pics you need to take for a seane.

now you say...
one... the time it took you to say one was six frames worth or pics.

ok now say...
one-thou. that would take 12 pics

one-thou-sand =18

one-thou-sand-one =24 pics. so one thousand one would be one second worth of pics.

so say you want your puppet to move his arm frome the bottom of his body to the top. then get out of your chair and you your self move your arm frome the top to the bottom of your body while you do it try to do it in that the time it takes you to say one. if you did it you made a really fast movement that did not look that normal thats how your pupet would look if you only took 6 pics so then say one-thou while doing the same thing you did before... now that was much more normal that just saying one. you can apply this to anything. but say if you have a long movement then video yourself then apply the one-thou-sand-one rule to it while you wach yourself. i hope this make sence and will help you i know it has helped me =D

rastophulus Posted: Feb 13th 2008

Good tip J-Snake!

Modelmaker93 Posted: Feb 16th 2008

hi i hope this helps a bit, i use a program called monkeyjam and it tells you how many frames there is persecond i always make it so that there are 25 frames per second just like aardman

Zebrafish Posted: Mar 10th 2008

Really good tips everyone!
im just starting out, so i need alot of information about everything.

Where can you buy Monkeyjam, modelmaker93?
oh, and sorry for my bad english.

jordan Posted: Mar 10th 2008

monkeyjam is free to download

just click the download button at the bottom

Zebrafish Posted: Mar 11th 2008


Harry Posted: Mar 11th 2008

if Aardman do Wallace and Gromit frames as 24Pictures per second, Shaun the Sheeps are known to be lower, do you know how many pictures per second are in Shaun the Sheep perhaps?

Jamie Q Posted: Mar 14th 2008

ok, basically
15 fps(frames per second) would mean 15 frames in 1 second. 1 fps would mean it all lasts for 1 second. experiment

jordan Posted: Mar 15th 2008

no ,its 24 frames makes 1 second ;)

cavor Posted: Apr 8th 2008

Its possible that Aardmans film Shaun the Sheep on two's Harry which means every frame is double up so you only need 12 shots per every 24 frames.;)

Harry Posted: Apr 9th 2008

Thats right cavor. I remember hearing it on Off the Baa DVD behind the scenes but I forgot what they said. I might do mine on two's as mine will be a series (I will send it to Blue Peter or just CBBC) of 8 in one series and the name I have decided to use will come to you soon as I think it will be more safe for me and my animation to not be stolen from someone else. I will send a picture of the character when I have made it.

jordan Posted: Apr 10th 2008

Aardman tends to film on "twos" for most things it keeps cropping in places now and again

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

Okay Guys so I'm using a video camera rather than a digital camera to make my Stop Motion Animations. So instead of taking a picture,I press the record button twice really fast so it kind of makes like a pic. 2 questions:

1. Is this a good idea or should I use a digital camera?

2. Would the fps (frames per second) still be the same?

plz answer!

Luffse Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

Harry. in shaun the sheep he uses 24 fps. but he is taking 2 pictures every time so it's the same as 12 fps. i actually think it's the same in wallace and gromit...... me myself use 15 fps. that works fine for me.

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

That still didn't answer my question. :-( plz leave answers!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

Hey vidkid12. thats probably not the best idea because the fps wont be the same everytime so the animation will look jumpy. i would suggest a digital camera hooked up to a stop-motion program.

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 23rd 2008

ok thanx that really helps. Also umm what software would you prefer?

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 24th 2008

hello! any1!? any1!?! what software should i be using??

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 24th 2008


Chocachoc Posted: Jul 24th 2008

I just use wmm. I dont have anything professional.

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 24th 2008

o wat is wmm stand 4?

iantimothy Posted: Jul 24th 2008

depends what kinda computer you have, like i have a mac so i use iStopmotion 2
for PC you should probably use stopmotionpro. hope that helps

vidkid12 Posted: Jul 24th 2008

yea thanx that really helps. I have a pc and i am currently trying out the stopmotionpro trial and soon will purchase it. TY also do you have any tips on any stop motion animation?

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