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MaxKK14 Posted: Feb 17th 2008

There has not been many, and we've have got the third one to come: Piaella Bakewell in Trouble At Mill, but who do you think has been Wallace's best love intrest so far:

Lady Tottington from Curse of the Were-Rabbit or Wendolene in that classic A Close Shave?

jordan Posted: Feb 17th 2008

:wendolene: i think

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 17th 2008

Lady T.:D

Josephine Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

- they are sooooo good together!

Pity about the cheese allergy, though!

Fish Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

Maybe she could get allergy shots and "desensitize" to cheese....??? 8)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

Yees, what a shame.:-(

8765 Posted: Apr 27th 2008

I think and Lady Tottington would be a great couple

SavedbyBishop Posted: Oct 27th 2008

I think Lady Tottington

cheesefanatic Posted: Oct 28th 2008

lady tottington,
1. she doesn't mind cheese
2.gromit would have fun in the garden + veggie comp is held there!
3.and and would get to see all the time!

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 28th 2008

I think wallace suits Wendoline best!|-)

RandomPerson Posted: Nov 1st 2008

Lady Tottington, definitely. I just didn't like Wendoline as much, I don't know why. I think she was just too depressing or something, (and her cheese allergy would get in the way!) whereas Lady Tottington was more uplifting.

entish Posted: Nov 3rd 2008

Wendoline, up until he realised she didn't like cheese. Not even wensleydale. Poor Wallace! That scene brought a tear to the eye of many a W&G fan all over the world.

entish Posted: Nov 3rd 2008


cool chris Posted: Nov 9th 2008

thts what i think

Michael2008 Posted: Nov 10th 2008

Lauraaa Posted: Nov 11th 2008

Wendolene :-*

Lauraaa Posted: Nov 11th 2008

Lauraaa Posted: Nov 11th 2008

defanlyy wendolene!! >:-)

thetopbun Posted: Dec 11th 2008

It is a tough desision Well here are goods and bads: Wendoline good: Nice, has lots of wool, doesn't get in trouble and has great hair! Wendoline bad:Doesn't like cheese and has too many sheep! Next Lady Tottington good: Likes cheese, likes being called Totty , very posh and has a big mansion! Lady Tottington bad: Has too many rabbits now and has an -ex! (Victor Quartermaine!) soo with this pro and con analisis I would choose...... Lady Tottington!

dog51 Posted: Feb 28th 2010


kldceltic Posted: Mar 16th 2010

lady tottington

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