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wudwurks Posted: Feb 17th 2008

are wallace and gromit still modelled in clay and filmed with stop motion photography or do they use some type of 3d anaimation programs also?? plus...while i mentioned 3d programs for those of you that dont know,,perhaps some of you already do know,,,theres a free 3d program you can download from the site called Blender or go to site its a full scale animation,,,they have lots of tutorials also and a few books you can buy to learn it by...if anyone else knows this program and fluent with it,,please let me know,,,i've been fooling with it but coming along a bit slow,,,could use a bit of help...Thanks and every one have a wonderful Wallace and Gromit kind of day!!!!!

Harry Posted: Feb 17th 2008

wallace and gromit is clay still!

jordan Posted: Feb 17th 2008

taht doesnt seem to be the corect website to me looks like some rude stuff

conty Posted: Feb 17th 2008

ive not used that, so i cant really help you, a great software to use is stopmotion pro, if you are using a pc;)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 17th 2008

Clay.:DIt's still clay.:D

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