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wudwurks Posted: Feb 17th 2008

Is this a certain type of clay,,,i bought some regular modelling clay from an art said the choice of sculptors,artists and animators...and do they use some type of wire inside to move them??? sorry if these are simple sounding questions but just learning all this

jordan Posted: Feb 17th 2008

animators use plasticine here in the uk we have newplast plasticine and that is what aardman use.

dont use modelling clay your models will be more like maquettes!

the main character has a armature covered in foam or different materials, depends on what the model is for and how its going to move etc

conty Posted: Feb 17th 2008

wudworks, i only use electrical wire and aliminium wire to make my armatures (skeletons under the plastercine) i think most of us on this site use newplast plastercine;) are you going to have a go at making a model?:)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 18th 2008

I use Plasticine all the time. I'm not sure if I use newplast. I think so. Maybe. Darn it, I don't know!;)

wudwurks Posted: Feb 18th 2008

yes conty,,,,,im gonna have a go at it,,,not sure where to look for the plastercine here in the states though lad' may be called something dif here,,,the clay i got said was used by animators,,,

jordan Posted: Feb 19th 2008

van aken clay is the american equivellent

conty Posted: Feb 19th 2008

great!!!!! really look forward to seeing it:)

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 19th 2008

Yes, looking forward!;)

Prof Chip Posted: Feb 21st 2008

I use Newplast plastercine!!!!!!!!!It's awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(|)

curt t1 Posted: Feb 21st 2008

looking forward 2 movie

Josephine Posted: Feb 22nd 2008

Way to go, wudwurks!!!!

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 23rd 2008

Me too!;)

MARLOW NATHAN Posted: Feb 24th 2008

Mark the shark Posted: Feb 24th 2008


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