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lorracash Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

just want to thank all involved, in particular Mr Parks, hope all goes well in the making of this new film, and nice to hear someone doing something for all the people who love Wallace, Gromit and all the other characters, love the name for the new woman in Wallace's life, re the interview on the home page.

clarebear Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

Oh wow I'm soooo excited about the new film! Will Shaun be in it I wonder?

Jumping Jack Flash Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

It's great to see that the stories are going on with W&G.

jjarvey Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

Yipee I am ready already...

Steffan Posted: Oct 3rd 2007

I love Wallace + Gromit since A Grand Day out and i am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited about the new film.

Thank You Mr Parks.

connor gorman Posted: Oct 6th 2007

i love wallace and gromit cant wait for the new one

Joe1701 Posted: Oct 6th 2007

The world is a better place when Wallace and Gromit are in it.

Hutch Posted: Oct 7th 2007

Yes,Trouble at mill will be sweet.

kld luvin wallace Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

jack-O Posted: Dec 3rd 2007

GromitW Posted: Dec 4th 2007

I am so ............. excited over the new film so it can`t be described with words!

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